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Keeping him in her memories

Keeping him in her memories

It had just been a while since he was gone. Her world revolved around him from morning to night. And now, he had just been cruelly taken away from her.

Her mind just kept wandering back to the last time she saw him. The day was as hectic as it could get and she had never ever been this busy. While she had been a tyro at the start, she had built a strong career in the decade she had worked at this organization. And things had just kept getting busier. She didn’t even have time to bid him goodbye while leaving home. Little did she know that that was the last time.

She kept reading about rebirth and also hoping for a message in a glass bottle from him indicating that he was fine.

She believed – If you are a dreamer, come in.


Note: The line – “If you are a dreamer, come in” is from Shel Silverstein’s poem Invitation as published in his book Where the Sidewalk Ends.

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100 word fiction: Edge of Universe

Edge of Universe

There’s a planet at the edge of the universe not unlike the earth in landscape and atmosphere. But its inhabitants are not.

They are robots who have been programmed to act and respond as per certain scenarios. While they are also programmed to emote like humans, their emotions seem anything but natural. Over the years, the amount of goods consumed on this planet has increased ten times.

There is speculation that the merchandise there is carried across the vast swath of their planet by planes just like on Earth. People remember to label it correctly so that its not lost.

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An ode to happiness

An ode to happiness

Happiness is an emotion,

Defined by feeling secure with your loved ones,

It can make your heart jump with joy,

And even help get rid of mental health issues.


Happiness is like icecream which slowly melts away,

It is a state of mind which is not there forever just like anything in life.

Happiness is about decreasing the distances with the people you love,

Rather than being callous, it is about being compassionate.


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100 word fiction: Avarice

100 word fiction: Avarice

As the money began flowing in, his avarice knew no bounds. Whether buying a fancy car or a plush bungalow, he lost himself in all the money. He had forgotten that life is about cherishing happy moments too. And happiness isn’t just defined by one’s bank balance.

While the material possessions began building up, his relationships with friends and family suffered. Emotions were generally not his thing and more so now.

He loved taking his cars out for a spin. But little did he know that much to his embarrassment, his Maybach would end up getting stuck in a pothole.

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Five Sentence Fiction: Joint #AtoZChallenge

Five Sentence Fiction: Joint

He had lived for years in a joint family environment. Whether it was the meals or the electricity and water bills; the emotions or even the gossip floating around, he had seen everything being shared.

But times had changed as newer members started getting added to the family. The irreconcilable differences over the last few months had given way to massive arguments.

He had never imagined that it would be possible, but the day had finally come when he was being thrown out of his own house.

Five Sentence Fiction: Joint

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100 word fiction: The ramshackle house

The ramshackle house

The ramshackle house

Photo Credit – Shamatura Ilya

The sound of the earth shaking was still vivid in his memory. He only had seconds to react and take his family along with himself out to safety. The 6.5 magnitude temblor at 2:57am had jolted the entire city out from it’s slumber.

The continuous aftershocks in the next few days ensured that almost everyone was forced to sleep under the open sky.

On returning back after a couple of weeks, he burst into tears seeing his once beautiful house.

“I spent my entire life’s earning to build this abode only for it to be destroyed by an act of God!”

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How does one deal with criticism?

How to deal with criticism?

How to deal with criticism?


We all face criticism at various stages in our lives. Whether at home, at work, at school or anywhere outside, positive or negative criticism is part and parcel of our daily lives. But then, how does one deal with it?

What’s most important is to hear the person out. He or she may actually be saying things without any proof or example whatsoever. But one shouldn’t get angry without even listening to the person completely. Getting angry can only lead to further negative criticism.

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Five Sentence fiction: Sole survivor

She was thankful to be alive..

She was thankful to be alive..


“It’s difficult to even imagine the gamut of emotions she must be going through.”

Linda was on the way to meet her parents when her plane plunged towards the ocean at a rate of knots. She distinctly remembered the screams and cries for help ringing out and about the cabin only to black out when things unravelled.

While she was thankful to be alive, she was reminded of the screams and cries of the others every night. She always wondered what God had in mind for her for keeping her alive amidst such a horrific tragedy.

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The quirks of family traditions..

Family traditions

Family traditions


From organizing extravagant parties to exchanging gifts of all kinds; from going on international visits to being very spiritual, different kinds of traditions run in families throughout the world. While some may call them quirky, weird or bizarre, these traditions define the soul of families and the way they live. Let’s go through a list of some of the most interesting traditions we see around us.

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What brings a tear to our eyes?




Tears are secretions from the lacrimal glands in the eye. They are generated due to a variety of mental or physical issues which may or may not be controllable by the individuals themselves.

From a mental standpoint, we cry either when we are distressed about something or our happiness knows no bounds. Loosing your girlfriend, getting your dream job, failing in the exam, losing an important deal, meeting your parents after many years and so on and so forth are the kind of situations which we all go through day in and day out.

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