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100 word fiction: The wall..

The wall

The wall

PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

The wall had been the source of bloodshed and anger between the two nations for years.

It had split families apart on either side.

It had been witness to umpteen deaths, destruction and unprovoked firing resulting in a high number of casualties in different incidents.

The people on either side of the wall had different beliefs, virtues and principles so much so that the two nations were as different as chalk and cheese in their foreign policy matters, economy and global standing.

The Korean wall was successful in splitting the North and South at both a physical and people-to-people level.

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Guest Blog Post – Growing Gun Culture on College Campuses


As noted in an earlier post, guns are inseparable from American culture. As the National Rifle Association (NRA) lobby rallies its pro-gun followers, it’s easier now than ever before for an average citizen to purchase a lethal weapon. This is a very problematic and disturbing trend in America, one that has reached new heights as more and more states now permit universities to allow students and professors to carry concealed handguns on campus.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, five states permit students by law to carry concealed guns on public college campuses, an increase of four states over the past two years. The push to allow guns on campus was sparked after a 2007 Virginia campus shooting. Those in favor of carrying weapons on campus cite that they want safer campuses, which allow students to protect themselves.

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Growing Gun Culture – Biggest threat to America!

Columbine High School Massacre!

Red Lake High School Tragedy!

Virginia Tech Mass Murder!

Fort Hood Base Rampage!

Oak Creek’s Gurudwara Shootout

What comes to mind when we think of any of the above? It has surely got to be death, blood, gore, torture, pain, suffering and much more. More than just being massacres, the above are a few examples of how a society where guns are so freely available can be easily destroyed. It is an example of how guns are increasingly being used as a tool by people to vent out their frustrations, feelings, anger and what not. Gun culture has so deeply penetrated the American society that today there seems to be only little someone can do. Let’s look at why that’s the case.

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Guest Post: When should you quit your job?

With looming stories of unemployment and a faltering economy, quitting your job is likely the last thing we expect to hear about in today’s society. But of course, it happens. People leave their jobs everyday; even when times are tough and the economy is trashed. Sometimes the right choice for your happiness and your professional future may be to find a new job. While the choice is never easy, there are always signs and symptoms that crop up to indicate it might be quittin’ time. Leaving your job should be done in a strategic and careful manner. Don’t act rashly. Explore your reasons for wanting to leave. Make sure that you are truly unhappy or ready to move on before you make any permanent choices. Look for these three things as strong signs that it might be time to find a new career path.

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