Dark night sky

Dark night sky

The dark night sky

so many stars wherever you see

peace and quiet around,

a time to reflect


So many stars wherever you see

that light up the night sky

in all its glory


Peace and quiet around

with miles and miles of desert

without a single soul around


A time to reflect

and introspect for everything

that has been and always will be


Linking to dVerse Challenge – Poetry Form: Trimeric 

Desert rain

Desert rain

Being born as a farmer in a desert,

he knew what disappointment was like,

Everytime the clouds showed up,

the sun would win the battle,

But this time, as the clouds moved in and the breeze picked up,

he began praying more than ever before,

The sky hadn’t been this dark in a while,

and then began the thunder and lightening,

As the first drops of rain fell on the earth below,

he felt a certain sense of relief,

Within minutes, the rain started to come down in torrents,

something he had never ever seen in the desert in years.

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Rain and Ragtag Daily Prompt: Breezy


Photography: Delicate colours

This week’s Lens – Artists Photo Challenge looks at delicate colours. I have been living in a desert for the last couple of years and therefore it’s generally a delight whenever we get to see different colours specifically in the winter season when the temperatures are about 15 degrees celsius in the day.

Below are some of my clicks during our park and farm visits during the last few years.

Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours

Linking to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 98 – Delicate Colours


Oman Diaries – Sunset, Sunrise & the Mysteries of Wahiba Sands

In a continuation to my previous post on Wahiba Sands, I also wanted to mention about one of the mysteries I came across during my stay as well as watching the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

Since we had arrived around late afternoon, we set out to capture the sunset at about 5pm in the evening. With our cameras and smartphones in tow, we set out with Majid (our driver cum guide) in the Land Cruiser Prado to the vantage point which was to provide us the best view of the sunset.

Our Land Cruiser Prado arrives at the vantage point..

Our Land Cruiser Prado arrives at the vantage point..

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