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As it rained, delight

turned to despair seeing the

flood and landslide


While he was deft, he

lost control of his car which

ended up crashing


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He wanted to experience pure delight

He felt free

at the top.

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What brings a tear to our eyes?




Tears are secretions from the lacrimal glands in the eye. They are generated due to a variety of mental or physical issues which may or may not be controllable by the individuals themselves.

From a mental standpoint, we cry either when we are distressed about something or our happiness knows no bounds. Loosing your girlfriend, getting your dream job, failing in the exam, losing an important deal, meeting your parents after many years and so on and so forth are the kind of situations which we all go through day in and day out.

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100 word fiction: A visit to the island..

A visit to the seaside..

A visit to the island..


“The cool and calm waters are surrounded by the greenery as far as my eyes can see. Add to this, the white sands all around us. Is this paradise?” Neha exclaimed in delight.

Tired of struggling day in and day out at work, Seema and Neha, the awesome twosome as they were known among their friends circle had made a sudden plan to visit the Sister Islands located half an hour from the mainland.

The island seemed so peaceful and tranquil that the sound of the waves hitting the rocks was more delightful than anything they had heard in months.

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100 word fiction: Delight

The garden maze

The garden maze


“Where are you hiding Anna? Today, I’ll surely find you.” He uttered with a mock devilish laughter.

All of 6 years, Anna, his daughter had been his life since the time the rest of his family had passed away in an unforeseen tragedy.

The day his life turned upside down, he decided that his sole mission in life had to be his daughter’s happiness. She loved playing hide and seek with her dad in the garden maze next door. Though George could always find her pretty easily, he let her win just to see that delight on her little face.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Innocence lost in translation!


She was sweet and cute. She seemed happy all the time. It’s always said that kids have a smiling face and bring cheer to everyone around them. Since the time she was a little girl, she kept everyone occupied. Whether it was her parents or her cousins, everyone laughed and enjoyed being around with her.

Sometimes she went and cut the curtains with a pair of scissors or at other times she hid the shoes of people just so that they go about frantically searching for them. Naughtiness and her went hand in hand. Though it was a task for everyone to handle her naughty antics, they still loved to see the smile on her cute little face. It was like everyone wanted to do something just to see her happy.

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Is life only about doing what benefits us?

One of the most important factors in every task we do, involves understanding the benefit that doing the task gives us. Obviously, why would we want to do something which may not help us in our personal or professional lives? As someone has said, “First think of yourself before thinking of others.” Why waste one’s time in doing something which may not even have a personal benefit? But is life only all about the benefits we earn? Read on!

Benefits are a very important part of any task we undertake whether its as simple as deciding to take a car to work rather than expending all our energy walking all the way or as complicated as learning some special softwares to help us go higher up the ladder in our organization. Whenever we are taking up a task, the first thing we ask is, “How will it help us?” That’s how it should be. Why would we want to do something which may not at all be useful in our present or our future? These benefits will help us realize our future goals, aspirations and dreams.

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That overhyped feeling of first love!

The feeling of first love is bliss. It is the best thing that can happen to anyone. One can never forget his / her first love. First love makes you go weak in the knees. First love is something which everyone always yearns for. First love makes you love life over and over again. Oh my god! It all sounds so mushy and sweet. Is it really so? Let’s check it out.

Note: Before I go on, in this post I am referring to love BEFORE marriage. Not a person falling in love after marriage leading to an extra-marital affair :D.

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Haagen Dazs Icecream: Have it at least once before you die!

There are icecreams like Baskin Robbins, Kwality Walls, Mcdonalds McSwirls, Unilever, Cold Stone Creamery (ones I have eaten till date) and then there is Haagen Dazs. While the other icecreams mentioned are all about having something cold or tasting a good dessert, Haagen Dazs with its exquisite products and fantastic ambience creates a killer mix of delight, a never before urge to have something sweet and pure pleasure. I haven’t had any icecreams which creates such feelings ever!

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