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Six Word Story: Date

Six Word Story: Date

The date was for our good.

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Five Sentence Fiction: Memories




“Don’t we all count on beautiful memories when in times of distress?” Rahul and I were arguing on being too over dependent on memories for anything and everything in life.

Whether its getting a job or a date; winning a contest or enjoying with friends, memories of all kinds shape our world almost all the time.

They give us the motivation and encouragement on being able to turn around things for the better. What we need is to strive to work even harder to create even sweeter memories for the future.

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My idea of a perfect date!

I am sure all of you must be wondering how come I am writing about this today! Right? Just felt like expressing my opinions on something which I dream of having in my life :). I always keep listening to many of my friends experiences about their perfect dates with their girlfriends/special ones or their idea of a perfect date. So what does a perfect date mean? On a so called “perfect” date some like to just go to a movie, some like to go to a pub, drink, party and chill out, some like it to be plain and simple like a candle light dinner and sitting and just talking while many others may not like going anywhere except a quite and peaceful place where one can just sit and talk without any disturbance.

First of all I never believe in calling a date “perfect” because if one labels one of the days as perfect, then he/she ends up degrading the other days as not being perfect or not that good as the so called “perfect day”. Going for a loooong drive, a candle light dinner with someone playing some beautiful slow songs or just sitting in a quiet and peaceful place and talking to that special person is my idea of a perfect date. This shouldn’t be a one off thing. If I had the opportunity I would make sure this happens everyday of my life I meet her. Obviously now that’s not always possible.

I have always felt that sitting and talking about each others likes/dislikes, emotions, life, families, career and many other things is the easiest way to reach a persons heart rather than just drink, sing and dance. This helps one person to get to know the other in a much more beautiful and simple way and connect strongly with them – mentally and emotionally. Going for a loooong drive together to a place where no one would disturb physically or through phone is one of the most beautiful ways of spending one’s day with their loved one.

I am sure a number of people may disagree with me, but I truly believe that the perfect date should be more about connecting emotionally and mentally with a person and less about connecting physically.

Here’s hoping all you readers get your “perfect” dates! 😛 😉

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