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Her Dreams

Her Dreams

While her eyes didn’t aid

her, her hands and feet worked in

sync to change her life


Note: Inspired from stories of those who achieved their dreams onstage despite losing their vision at an early age.

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Friends unfriended

Friends unfriended

A team of two dancers, a team of two friends,

they always hung out together

But punishment was an echo of her feelings,

when her friend’s actions were too much to not bother

Forgiveness meant being cordial and working in tandem

in the interim both of which weren’t acceptable to her,

And so with time, the wedge between them got wider

and wider and finally their relationship was wiped clean

Friends unfriended

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Ten Word Story: Tune

Ten Word Story: Tune

Despite disagreements, she was

forced to dance to his tune.

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Singapore Diaries: Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore is celebrated with much fanfare and is particularly reflected in the elaborate lighting for the various malls across Orchard Street and the rest of the city.

It’s as though each mall is a prop and dressed to impress to the maximum. There are competitions every Christmas for the best dressed mall of the year.

Orchard Street is generally full of people singing, dancing and taking lots of photographs.

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Dance & Music bring freshness to life..

Allu's dance moves coupled with Anushka's husky vocals

Allu’s dance moves coupled with Anushka’s husky vocals


You are sad and lonely. Life is not going anywhere as what you have always desired for. Everything seems really dull and dreary. All the energy has oozed out from your body so much so that you feel completely lifeless. What would you do to get out of this mess? Stay the same way? Watch TV? Surf the internet? Talk to someone about your feelings? Listen to music?

What if in such a situation you see and hear a very catchy song and dance sequence; A sequence so catchy that it makes you want to tap your feet with the beats. This is what Allu Arjun’s dance moves and Anushka’s songs do to you. They have the power to bring energy and freshness rolling back into people’s lives.

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Flash Fiction – The raging inferno


The music was at its highest decibel as hundreds of party goers rocked the dance floor to their heart’s content. Being a Saturday Night, the Sanda-Liva nightclub was teeming with people from all walks of life. You could see almost everyone let their hair loose and dance the night away. From Bryan Adams to Ricky Martin, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, songs of all kinds were being played by the DJ in the house, much to everyone’s delight.

With its retro interiors and the distinct variety of music played from across the board, Sanda-Liva was famous with people from all around the world. It had literally put the city of Narito on the world dance map.

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