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When that pinkslip is in the pipeline..


She worked really hard to impress her bosses. Whether it was working hours on end at office or taking work home, she did much more than what was required of her. Most of the time, she went beyond her line of work to learn more about what her teammates in other units were doing. Teamwork, dedication, determination were some of the words which defined her among her peers as well as bosses.

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Do we ever live for ourselves?

We live to please our parents. We live to please our extended families. We live to please our partners. We live to please our bosses. We live to please our friends and colleagues. But do we ever really live to please ourselves? Do we try to do what makes us feel good? Do we try to keep ourselves happy? Do we try to actually LIVE a life?

From the time we are small, we are taught to listen to our parents. We eat what they say. We go to the school which they select for us. We go to the tuitions which they consider as best. Obviously we listen to them like obedient children because they would know the best considering their age and experience. But then, slowly but surely we start doing things just to keep them happy. We avoid any situation which would give them a bad impression about us. We also avoid doing anything which may give them a bad name in the society. Obviously there are many of us who start living dual lives where on one side we please our parents but on the other we fool them by partying hard and enjoying as if there is no tomorrow. But that’s beyond the point of this post.

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