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Photography: Now and Then

A lot has changed in the post-pandemic world. Travel meant going on international trips while now it is about sightseeing locally.

Photography: Now and Then

Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Photography: Now and Then

Tranquility in Kuwait

What started to worsen sometime in spring around the world has just sadly continued on as we near winter.

Photography: Now and Then

Sunset in Kuwait

Photography: Now and Then

Windy day in Kuwait

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Photography: Tranquility

There are so many of us who love peace and quiet when we are outside don’t we? Whether it’s sitting on a beach and hearing the waves hitting the shore or walking in a park with very few people around and getting a chance to lose oneself amidst all the greenery, we all love some fresh air far away from our busy city lives.

I have always been a passionate traveller and during any of my visits, I always make it a point to visit the ‘quiet places’ to take in some ‘quiet moments’.

Photography: Tranquility

I loved the experience of watching the sunset while taking a boat ride off the coast of Kuwait.

Photography: Tranquility

Brooklyn Bridge Park was the perfect place to see Manhattan by night. Not too many people around and to top it all, Manhattan looked really beautiful.

Photography: Tranquility

Kalemegdan Fort in Belgrade, Serbia gives you a bird’s eye view of the city. While the February chill was too much to take, the evening looked beautiful.

Photography: Tranquility

You must be wondering as to how is it possible to get ‘quiet places’ in New York. But I did find Central Park to be really beautiful and peaceful as well. It seemed like the perfect place to get away from the busy city life.

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Photography: Colourful skies

Photography: Colourful skies

Another day comes to a close in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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Skywatch Friday: Sunset

Skywatch Friday: Sunset#ShotoniPhone

A rainbow makes its presence felt as the sun sets on another cool fall day in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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Thursday Tree Love: Glastonbury US

Glastonbury US #ShotoniPhone

This tree in Glastonbury, Connecticut is in full bloom during the fall season.

But the other tree behind it is a pale shadow of itself with its empty branches rising towards the sky. It is preparing for the winter as the leaves have all fallen by the wayside.

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