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Event of the Year

Event of the Year

It was an Annual Event but was it to celebrate over, he wasn’t sure.  In the beginning of the year, a lot of promises had been made which eventually turned out to be false. The employees had been taken for a ride to the extent that most believed that they would be rewarded and this had helped build sublime confidence in the team. But that wasn’t to be.

The peccadillos started piling up for the team month after month as the frustration began billowing up all around. The top two performers started to hammer tornillos into the wall to get rid of their anger. Finally they just walked out and ended up taking the willow medicine and using the pillow for a good night’s rest.

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Pimples – A pain in our lives

Acne problems

Acne problems

“Oh God! Look at him. His face is so full of pimples. Doesn’t he look awful?”

“Seeing the number of pimples he has, which girl would even want to come close to him?”

“Looks like he isn’t really bothered about his personality. If he has a problem with pimples, why doesn’t he care to treat it?”

I am sure there would be many of us who would have heard or made some of the above statements at least a couple of times in our lives. For each of us, the way we look shapes our lives in every sphere. Whether its getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend, getting a job or moving anywhere in the professional space,  all of us want to look good all the time.

And looking good starts from the top. While a person may not have great facial features to begin with, everyone expects basic stuff like neatly combed hair, a clean shaven look for guys, a non – oily face and the likes. Obviously a lot many girls don’t like the guys to be clean shaven. But let’s cover that in a different post.

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Why is it really important to have a well groomed face?


“Look at that guy. If only he had bothered to give some importance to shaving, he would have looked irresistible. Instead, it just looks like he has got up right now from his sleep.”

“He’s pretty good in terms of his qualifications, the work he has done as well as his ability to answer our interview questions. But I really hope he would have given some importance to his personal grooming as well.”

Some of us may have come across such situations wherein the importance of a well groomed face was quite relevant. Personal grooming includes wearing the right kind of clothes as well as ensuring that one’s appearance reflects his or her personality to the people around in the best way possible. And an important part of personal grooming includes facial grooming.

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Fearless in Life


“I am really scared to talk in front of a huge crowd of people. What if I make a mistake?”

“That sounds crazy. I can’t elope with that guy. What will society say?

“Are you crazy? How can you even think I will walk up to her and propose? She’s way beyond my league. What if she slaps me?”

“I am terrified of heights. Please don’t consider me for the bungee jumping experience.”

How many of you have come across any or all of the above situations? I can hear a lot of people saying ‘Yes’. Fear is that unpleasant emotion which makes you feel that any thing living or dead would cause harm to you.

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Guest Post: How to Prepare for Phone Interviews


Telephonic interviews are now common and companies call prospective employees who are out-stationed or stay far away from the interview location. This post tells how to prepare well for phone interviews.

More and more employers are now conducting telephonic interviews to recruit candidates. Telephonic interviews are usually done to screen candidates from a vast pool of applicants and then the selected candidates would be called in for face-to face interviews. It’s usually good for interviewing out-of-town candidates where the expenses involved can be reduced.

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