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A Painter Without a Brush

Colours of Life

The painter gave life to a plethora

of colours which define life in all its

shapes and forms with several ups and downs.


Note: The poem is inspired from the abstract art titled – ‘A Painter Without a Brush’ (Gerhard Richter) 

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Grey turns to blue

Grey turns to blue


It looks like a dull

and dreary day with the sun

lost amidst the clouds

Grey turns to blue


But then, grey turns to

blue and alleviates the

suffering of all


From almost being

underwater, the colours

have turned beautiful


It almost feels as

though the sunshine has devoured

the rain easily

Grey turns to blue



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Hues of autumn


Original Poem

Fall had begun to

set in as the leaves turned red

yellow or orange


The berry picking

season was at its end with

just a token left


My revision

With the beginning

of autumn, nature displayed

its various hues


Berry season was

almost over except for the

few remaining behind


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100 word fiction: Glass painting

100 word fiction: Glass painting

She always wanted to design the interiors of her house. And so she made sure that she got all the right furniture, showpieces and more. Playing with different colours came to her quite naturally and she wanted to give the house a bright outlook.

Once she was done, she began thinking about the windows. While glass painting had been a hobby, she hadn’t done it in more than a decade. But her husband encouraged her saying that there was no better time to revisit it again.

And so she got to work. Within days, her labour of love was ready.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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