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Can coffee bring two people together?


Their eyes met while having coffee.

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8 Health tips for those with desk jobs!

I am neither a health nor a fitness expert. Neither am I a freak whose in the gym everyday after work to ensure I have that 6, 8 or family pack. I am just a simple guy working in a desk job. So what’s the big deal? There are millions like me, aren’t there? Yes, there are.

But my post is about health. It’s about the fact that we need to put our health over and above the work we do. If we don’t maintain good health, how will we work? The need for this post has arisen from personal experience as well as seeing people around me suffer.

So I have made a list of health tips one needs to keep in mind in order to last long in life. Obviously for those who aren’t too bothered about lasting long enough or feel we don’t need to bother what happens in future, they can ignore the post. –

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