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When she inflicted pain for love..

Love turned sour..

Love turned sour..


While they were far apart in terms of distance with both of them engrossed in studies on different continents separated by thousands of kilometers, their love was the one common thing which made their world go round. From WhatsApp chats to Skype calls, they always kept each other updated on their lives and everything which came with it be it happiness or despair.

This went on for a few years until he popped the question silently smiling to himself expecting her to say yes almost immediately. Both of them were now working and making their way up the career ladder slowly but surely. She was shocked and blatantly refused exclaiming that this was the time when she wanted to concentrate on her career and couldn’t think of anything else. While he was devastated, he was half expecting it considering their conversations had dramatically reduced since quite a while.

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Can women be stereotyped to just one label?

A woman’s place is only in the kitchen.

Women are the ones who take care of the children while men are the ones who go outside to work.

Household work is the domain of women while men can sit and relax.

Women cannot do physically demanding jobs.

Women are not the right people for top jobs in the corporate sector since they have to fulfill household responsibilities.

I am sure all of us would have made either one or all the above statements at least once during our lives. In patriarchal societies across the world, even today women are generally considered as those who can sit at home and fulfill the household responsibilities. Women who dare to go out and work, follow their passion and try to become multi-dimensional in their thinking and approach to life are frowned upon in many quarters.

But why so?

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Five Sentence Fiction: Bedtime




While the rich slept on hard mattresses, all she had was just a few sheets to protect her from the hard ground below next to the main street.

What she did have in abundance though was the determination to succeed and rise up the career ladder through hard work and extreme dedication.

Short of resources, she always had to borrow cash to fulfill her basic needs. With every trouble she faced, she was motivated to study doubly hard to get a good score in her MBA entrance exams.

And today, she finally sleeps on those hard mattresses in luxurious rooms she could only dream off a couple of years back.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction Prompt: Bedtime. Read the other entries here.

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