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eXistential Crisis

Existential Crisis

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

They sat on their chairs wondering how it had all become s0 vacant.

“Previously, we used to have so many customers that we didn’t have enough staff to meet their needs. But all that feels so far away. Despite our scrupulous attention to detail when it comes to sanitation, the numbers haven’t increased.”

Existential Crisis

As another day came to an end with a beautiful sunset looking over the sea, they knew that the pandemic had turned their life upside down.

Existential Crisis

In times of lockdowns, their home far away seemed like quite a lonely place to be in.

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Bubbly personality

She has such a bubbly personality and has always ensured that diversity in all its shapes and forms is at the core of her business. While she has always been prolific at what she does, it didn’t always come this easy as her journey had a lot of ups and downs. She did divulge that it was a struggle to even afford three meals a day. What was bequeathed to her by her parents were just humility and a passion to excel and effectively succeed.

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While she had always been in the shadows, she was slowly but surely getting tired of his outlandish behavior and wanted to bring change. Though he founded the organization which had now grown to a multi-million dollar business, he didn’t know the trick to curb his histrionic instincts.

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100 word fiction: Her love for crystals..

The crystals of her dreams..

The crystals of her dreams..


“Why don’t you sell all these showpieces? As it is, we are struggling with our lives. This is the least you can do.”

Laura, the youngest member of the Davis family loved making small showpieces out of crystals from the time she was a teenager. Though they weren’t really well off, Nick, her father always ensured that his daughter had all the tools to keep her hobby going.

Over the years, she had made showpieces of varied shapes, sizes and colours. It was just a hobby until the day Nick’s business crashed and he was forced to file for bankruptcy.

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Monsoon at SIBM Pune Lavale Campus!

The clouds have come down the hills,

The wind is hustling the leaves and making one feel really cold,

The visibility has dropped to less than 100m,

The whole campus seems so beautifully misty and foggy,

The paths leading to the college campus are gleaming with pure (yes it feels so at least :)) water from the sky,

The window in the classroom never felt a better place to sit near than now,

The umbrellas and raincoats have come out in full force,

The beauty of small waterfalls formed on the hills nearby is not to be missed,

The area around never looked as green as now with each leaf of a plant gleaming with droplets of water,

Yes GUYS!!!!

This is the monsoon at SIBM Pune, Lavale Campus – Can surely give Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar or Khandala a run for their money!!!!

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