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Book Review – The Newsroom Mafia

“The Newsroom Mafia” is the debut novel of Oswald Pereira, a journalist with over thirty years of experience. Published by the Grey Oak – Westland combine, it was one of the most recently awaited novels off late. A racy crime thriller which promised to expose the unholy nexus between police, politicians, underworld and the press, the book garnered quite some interesting previews. Does it work?

The blurb goes like this –

When Supercop Donald Fernandez declares an all – out war against the invincible Don, Narayan Swamy, he fights back with a formidable Mafia – a private army of armed thugs and a motley gang of corrupt police officers, backed by powerful politicians. What follows is a battle of raw power, sleaze, wits and dirty tactics by both the law breakers and the law enforcers, blurring boundaries between good and evil. To save his skin, the Don fires his most lethal weapon, the Newsroom Mafia.

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Breaking News – The most misused word in the Indian media industry!

Sad, Happy, Funny, Sensational, Breaking, Interesting – are some of the few words which come to mind when one thinks of news. In India today, there is a thriving industry with more than 100 channels in various languages dedicated to just one thing – reporting news 24 / 7.

So what is breaking news? “Breaking news” was originally supposed to be a term used to describe news which meant something to the people probably an attack (bomb, hijack, terrorist), a very big event such as functions, cricket matches or something which holds great importance to the public life in general. But sadly today this term has been misused to the hilt by each and every channel.

Instead of thriving on giving information to the people and helping them improve their lives, news channels have built themselves on just reporting any kind of news as “breaking news”. Today be it Hrithik Roshan’s marriage or some random person dying in our neighbourhood or Aarushi Talwar’s murder story, everything is reported as breaking news. The way Aarushi Talwar’s story was reported, it seriously became a soap opera. Sadly it just became a trial by the media. Interestingly the story stopped after a few weeks despite no one being found guilty. What it just goes to show is the fact that the media doesn’t care for the public, what it does care for is just TRPs and MONEY!

Take the example of India TV. It should seriously be crowned as the king of breaking news in the world. Amazingly its breaking news includes a swami not eating for 10 days, some creature being found in the Himalayas and stuff like that. How cool is that? They have carved a different opinion about themselves in this industry with such nonsensical crap which sadly the people of our country truly and completely believe. Then you can think of Star News and many more others who stand in front of a screen with some or the other stupid news item written in the background which is the so called breaking news and they keep talking about it for hours on stretch with the so called “experts”.

What one gets to understand from all this is the fact that today, our media industry like all others has just become a hell hole of nonsense. The content of 99% of our news channels is just made with what would bring them the viewers and money rather than anything else. And making everything look like “Breaking News” is a step in that direction.

A real sad story in a country of 1.2 billion people!

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