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100 word story: Belief



While initially, she was just a need, she had become his obsession over the years. It pained him to see her going around with anyone else. And he could go to any length to make sure that never happened.

Whether it was stalking her almost everywhere or beating up the guys who tried to flirt around with her, he had made her life living hell. But one fine day she was gone. He searched everywhere but to no avail. Finally, when he did hear about her marriage, his world came crashing down. That was his ‘I can’t believe it’ moment.


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The second chance..

A second chance for love..

A second chance for love..


He had seen her for the first time during his brother’s wedding. She looked angelic in the pink saree she had worn for the day. Every time she danced, a strand of her hair fell on her face which she brushed away with her fingers. He was lost in her thoughts throughout the wedding and beyond.

Being the extrovert he was, Ronnie went ahead and proposed Anna quite literally in front of everyone. And the rest as they say was history.

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Friendship – Does gender really matter?

Friends with the opposite gender.. Is it possible?

Friends with the opposite gender.. Is it possible?


From the time we are small, our friends and Bollywood movies all around us teach us that a girl and a boy can never be friends. A lot of parents feel that mixing with the opposite gender can lead to their children losing their way in their studies. And therefore, many prefer their children going to an only-boys or an only-girls school. They feel that with the absence of the opposite gender, their children’s minds wouldn’t wander and they would concentrate completely on their studies. Is that really the case?

Interestingly, from what I have heard from friends who have studied in only-boys schools, their minds wander a lot more into useless activities in classrooms and beyond compared to those who studied in co-ed institutions. The main reason for this is the fact that guys try to be at their best behavior when in the company of the opposite gender.

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100 word fiction – The hidden enemy..


They thought that love would help them win every battle they encountered in the big bad world out there. From having different interests in almost every sphere of life to belonging to different cultures and social strata, both of them were as different as chalk and cheese. But opposites attract, don’t they? And so, they set out to convince their families with hope and love in their hearts without an inkling that this love story would cost them their lives. This was a battle which they were meant to lose since they weren’t even aware that such an enemy existed.

Written as part of the Indispire prompt – “Love. Weave a Story”

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Five Sentence Fiction – Grief

beauty girl crySource:

“Why are you spoiling your happiness just because of one guy who didn’t even care about you?”

Anne had grown tired of advising her little sister – Cindy who had locked herself up from the whole world trying to accept the fact that her boyfriend had simply moved on.

It was only a few months since Cindy had met her knight in shining armor or so she thought. From sweet nothings to all night conversations; from snuggling into each other in romantic movies to going for romantic dates, she was living it up.

But then, it all came crashing down almost as soon as it began leaving her in total despair.

Written as part of Five Sentence Fiction prompt: Grief

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Flash Fiction – The day he made me blush..!


He knew his way with girls. Whether it was his good looks or his persona, girls were head over heels in love with him. But he was used to this. Wherever he went, girls followed him all the way. There were stories floating about him all the time. Some said he slept with each of them. Some said he was a spoilt brat. And there were many others who said that he didn’t know the meaning of love.

Like others, even I thought about him often. But then I was different. I couldn’t bring myself up to say something. Would he ever look at me with those love struck eyes? Would he be my knight in shining armour? He was smart. He was dashing. He seemed the perfect mix of tall, dark and handsome.

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The guy who didn’t bother to remember..!


He was the dude of the college. Whether it was his looks or the way he spoke to women; whether it was his personality or the aura he exhibited, there was something about him which attracted women of all kinds. There were hundreds who tried for just one chance to get to talk to him. There were others who wanted to spend some time with him over
coffee. And there were some who even went to the extent of wanting to touch him just to know if he was for real. It wasn’t always like this.

He had come as a shy and introvert guy who never even spoke to women let alone befriend them or have a girlfriend. His life revolved around studies, classes, assignments and the likes. But when he faced rejection for the first time in life, he realized that he had not bothered about creating a personality. He didn’t have a sense of style or a persona that people craved for. He didn’t know how to talk properly to anyone let alone his classmates. And so he revamped himself completely so much so that the girls began to go weak in their knees waiting to see him everyday.

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Guest Post – Romantic Fantasy Writing: How to get started?

Writing a novel involves weaving a story out of many details and pieces of information. However, it’s important to remember that with novel writing as well as weaving, the quality of the finished product depends entirely on the quality of content that goes into weaving it. If you prepare properly, provide adequate details and specifics and invest yourself into the art of creating the story; when it’s finished, it should all flow well and fit together beautifully. Romantic fantasy novels have gained popularity over the past few years. While romantic fantasy authors must follow the same guidelines as authors of historical romance or suspense novels, there are a few additional tips that they can benefit from.

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Mind vs Heart – Who will win the battle?


She was dressed in a simple pink salwar with matching accessories to boot. Her face was devoid of any make up which made her look natural. Her eyes seemed to be searching for someone really important. And as she went on, her natural smile transformed into a sexy pout. Her hair was neither curly nor straightened; somewhere in between. She was different. She didn’t believe in using chemicals to make herself look good.

Seeing her, my mind and heart started running in circles. And thus began their conversation –

Heart – “Who is she? How is she here? Whatever it is, she looks stunning. She’s like a dream come true.”

Mind – “Get a grip dude. She must be having a strong reason to be on a train like this. Maybe, she is waiting for her husband.”

Heart – “Husband? Are you crazy? She’s so young and beautiful. She must be anything but married.”

Mind – “Look at her. She’s so simple. Do you think she is your type? You are crazy about all the rich and fancy females at work. She is anything but the ones you keep running after.”

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Valentines Week – Where love becomes a joke!


Many regard love as the ultimate feeling of bliss. The optimist in us thinks that love is something which can make ones world go round, keep one happy all the time and help one feel good about himself or herself. On the other hand there’s also the pessimist who thinks that love is a pain where your partner is always present to use you till the hilt. Happy? According to them, one feels tortured and troubled in love all the time. Whatever be the case, love has the one quality to change your life in the matter of days or weeks. But is it supposed to be celebrated only for a few days of the week? Some people surely think so.

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