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Five Sentence Fiction – Bidding Goodbye

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She had always heard that meeting and bidding goodbye to anyone was part and parcel of life. But she could have never imagined that she would have to bid goodbye to the person she loved the most in this world.

Though she knew that they would meet again sooner rather than later, the fact that there was no precise date or month on the horizon was what made her feel really uneasy.

“Why do you have to leave me and go all the time?”

As they hugged and parted, tears rolled down her eyes while he looked the other way to keep a check on his emotions.

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What happens when two hearts meet?


Eyes meet.

Hands are held.

Hugs and little sweet kisses are given.

Sparks fly all around!

But does silence play a part? Was there a time when you met your loved one that you just wanted everything to stay calm and quiet? Was there a time when you met your loved one that you just wanted to lose yourself into her without speaking a word? Was there a time when you met your loved one that you just wanted to hold her close to you and simply feel the moment without uttering any needless sentences?

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Do relationships beginning in college have a future?

Have you dreamt of spending your life with your college sweet heart? Have you promised your college love of spending your lives together? Has your life revolved around your college flame? You don’t want to leave college because you are scared of parting with the love of your life? If the answer to even one of the above questions is yes, then you are in the category of millions.

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