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Untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read.

Or so it seemed. All his life, he had been immersed in books as far as he could remember. He felt that with every book he read, he made a new discovery of something so important that it could change the world.

Over the years, he felt that he had covered so much of what one could learn in their lifetime just by reading books. He kept these books as neatly as one could have imagined. If anyone picked them up, they wouldn’t have realized that the books were actually read even once.

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100 word fiction: The plant on the bookshelf

The plant on the bookshelf


Ronnie had a penchant for books of any kind be it fiction or non-fiction. It was only recently that he had set up his own little library.

When his father came to see his world of books, he was surprised as to what he encountered.

“That plant seems to be growing in such a bizarre way. Why don’t you cut it off? It makes your room look awful.”

“The plant is there for a reason. It’s growth in different directions is an indicator of the 360 degree learning one could have reading the varied set of books which adorn my bookshelf.”

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.


In conversation with Nishant Kaushik: Author of multiple bestsellers

Nishant Kaushik


Nishant Kaushik is the bestselling author of Watch Out! We are MBA, A Romance with Chaos, Conditions Apply and My Father is a Hero. He keeps a day job with Infosys Limited and currently lives in Australia. You can find him on Twitter.

He joins us for a quick tete-a-tete.

Aseem: How does it feel to be the author of multiple bestsellers?

Nishant: I am not yet content. Bestseller is an ambiguous term, because as well as your books sell, they can always sell more. I keep working towards that.

Aseem: How different is writing novels when compared to blogging? Do you like one above the other?

Nishant: I prefer writing novels (I am not a very regular blogger). When I write novels I get a chance to escape the real world and delve into the alternate universe my characters inhabit. That journey is something I relish, and I don’t get to experience it while blogging.

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5 things I can’t do without

5 things I can't live without..

5 things I can’t live without..


We all have those few things which we can’t live without. From a phone to a book; from nail polishes to creams, we tend to start getting nervous if any our favourite things aren’t around us.

As I began thinking of the things that I can’t live without, it also struck me that few of these things weren’t actually necessities even just a few years ago.

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100 word fiction – The library..

LibraryPHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Randy Mazie

“I am going to the neighborhood library and will be back only in the evening. So don’t bother calling me.”

He left the house in a huff and slammed the door shut behind him as he walked down the street.

Spending hours on end in a library surrounded by books of various shapes and sizes written by a varied variety of authors brought him a sense of joy which nothing else could match.

The quiet environs of the library also helped him relax and take his mind away from the usual everyday worries he dealt with at home and office.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read other entries here.

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