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Guest Post: Time to WAKE UP – The authorities!!

There have been instances where we hear an industrialist gifting an aircraft to his wife on her birthday, some others gifting themselves a yacht when they feel like. These luxuries which the so called creme-da-la-creme call “high society” trademarks or “high society necessities” are good to look at from a global point of view. This can foresee that India is now a developing country with people who can, in theory, reach for the highest star or the deepest ocean. But is that all what you need to call India a developing country?

Doesn’t development mean that the politicians also take into view the development of the massive “middle class” which forms almost 80% of the population? Every year a new budget comes up from the economists and the finance ministry. But who do you think is really affected by that? It is by far only the “middle class” as they are the ones who suffer the burn of the hour. With the amount of money earned becoming equal to the amount of money spent to earn a livelihood by the “middle class” ; I am not sure how the survival of the fittest would take place in here.

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Pakistan’s march towards disaster!!!


Pakistan – a nation born from India (yeah but till date they have textbooks which say the opposite – India being the son and Pakistan the father…That is as ridiculous as something can get!!). The Indo – Pak rivalry goes back more than 60 years which includes the three wars over Kashmir, numerous terrorist attacks across Kashmir as well as other parts of India by the hundreds of terrorist groups operating there and also continuous incursions by terrorists over the years across the Line of Control.

In all these years, Pakistan didn’t realize what it was making of itself as a nation. Out of more than 60 years of its independence, it has been ruled by the army for a considerable period of time. The struggle for East Pakistan (renamed as Bangladesh) in 1971 was very bitter. They haven’t ever  had a coherent foreign policy with regards to India. While in the front the political leadership had meetings in Tashkent, Agra and all these places saying “Talks are the way forward” and what not, from behind the Army helped push militants across the LOC as well as encourage and fund ISI to plan terrorist attacks across India.

Pakistan had set up the Taliban to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. But little did they realize that this move would come back to haunt them forever. 9/11 – the event that changed the world dramatically made them join the “War on Terror” set in motion by George Bush. Now this is an irony –  the country known to be the hotbed of terrorism with hundreds of terrorist sanctuaries and training schools spread across its vast expanse had joined the “War” to fight these terrorists itself. Its like giving birth to your kids and then killing them on their own.

This move met with resistance as expected all across the Muslim world as well as Pakistan. The terrorists responded with attacks all across Pakistan – Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore no city was left safe. The attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team, Benazir Bhutto, the market in Peshawar, the Islamabad University and hundreds more showed that the terrorists could attack any place at any time as and when they wanted.

FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) which includes South and North Waziristan, Bajaur, Orakzai and other regions is the most impoverished and least literate part of the nation. It is the part of the nation which is practically controlled by the Taliban. They have established the worst rules possible which includes bombing girls schools, a girl not being allowed outside without a male member of the family,  being shot at for adultery etc. It is regarded as the hub of militants where they moved in from Afghanistan after the US air strikes. Even though Pakistan openly says it doesn’t support them, US air strikes are a common sight in Pakistan now-a-days. I personally think it hasn’t served any purpose as has been proved from the amazing increase in terror strikes after the killing of Baitullah Mehsud.

What hurt me personally was the fact was the way the government let them take Swat (its regarded as the Switzerland of Asia). Rather than fighting them or doing something more useful, the government signed an agreement which helped them increase their arms and establish their so called sharia law wherein the woman of the house always had to satisfy the man of the house failing which she could be thrown out , they had no rights and also could be used and thrown as and when wanted.  This agreement helped the Taliban reach till about 160km from Islamabad.

In the midst of all this we forget one thing. The difference with which both India and Pakistan have grown over the last 60 years of independence. India has always had a foreign policy of cooperation and coordination. Its exports, GDP, literacy rate have all grown by leaps and bounds. It is the world’s largest democracy and has great importance and say in world issues.

Pakistan on the other hand has just had a policy of KASHMIR, KASHMIR AND KASHMIR. The only thing it has tried to do since independence is to try and get Kashmir by any way possible be it wars, pushing terrorists across the LOC, encouraging terrorist attacks across India anything. In the midst of this, its inflation has jumped to more than 20%. The stock market has crashed “n” number of times. The people are scared to invest their money in new businesses for the failure of their life. The political, economic and social situation has crumbled completely as the terrorists are literally controlling the country.

Over the last 2 years more than 3200 people have died with 350 in the last two weeks. I feel bad for the normal Pakistani on the road because the situation in Pakistan doesn’t look like it will ever improve as can be seen from the statements and actions of the political leadership even in recent times whether its blaming India for supporting Taliban or for creating trouble in Balochistan. As the operation  “Rah-e-Nijat” (Oh God!!! Who the hell on this earth named it Path To Salvation because I am sure these guys aren’t ever going to get that) continues in Waziristan, attacks continue to kill hundreds. Pakistan has truly but surely reached the brink of a civil war.

Pakistan’s MARCHING towards total disaster and that isn’t good news for India!!!

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