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Masks of idiocy

Masks of idiocy

From ancient times, their

family had made people

laugh through their antics


Masks had been used to

describe the stories they wanted

to portray quite well


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She had seen it all

but was still strong enough to

ride the massive waves

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #92 and One Liner Wednesday

Ten Word Story: Snag

Ten Word Story: Snag

The bridge encountered a snag

after opening for the boat.

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge & Ragtag Daily Prompt: Snag


100 word fiction: Grateful #AtoZChallenge

100 word fiction: Grateful

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

“We take so many things for granted, don’t we? Normally, on such a beautiful spring day, I would be taking my boat out for a spin. But now is anything but ‘normal’.”

Garett looked out of the window at the beautiful rainbow and could only sigh wondering how humans had never been grateful of the simple things.

He had all the money one could amass. He had the fanciest of houses in the best of locations. But here he was, locked down in a far corner of the world due to a virus which had the world in its grasp.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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