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Journey to a self hosted blog

Blogging Journey to a self hosted blog

Blogging Journey

It’s been 7.5 years since I began blogging. When I started my journey, blogging was just about penning down my thoughts and feelings. It simply felt like an online diary where I could rant about anything and everything under the sun. It’s taken lot of hard yards on the road to a self hosted blog.

Slowly, I realized the importance of comments, shares, likes, having a social media presence and so on. It was all about making oneself heard. Blogging was no more a pastime among a select few which was the case in the early 2000s in India. It seemed as though almost everyone was rushing to open a blog. But then, more than 90% of them remained dormant after a few posts. In this clutter, one had to make an effort to be heard and seen.

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Five Sentence Fiction: The helpless girl

Helpless GirlSource:

She loved sketching and her room full of sketches of famous personalities was proof of her passion. Seeing this, her friends had gifted her the Natraj dark pencils so that she could go on to live her dream of becoming an artist.

But her father who spent all his money in drinking and energy in thrashing his wife had a different opinion.

“If I knew that you would waste all your time in sketching, eating Parle G biscuits and watching Alif Laila on Doordarshan all day long, I would have sold you to your uncle long back.”

She had grown tired seeing the troubles in her house day in and day out but could only cry thinking about her helpless state.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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Quikr – The easiest way to fulfill your needs!


Quikrrrrrrr.. Quikr! I am sure you must have heard this slogan or read about it somewhere. The strong ad campaign on print, digital and the television industry has ensured that Quikr as a brand has a strong recall value among a huge section of the population.

For a company which began just about 6 yrs back in 2008, Quikr has rapidly expanded into one of India’s largest portals to buy, sell or rent just about anything across more than 12 categories and 140 sub-categories including mobiles & tablets, real estate, pets, electronics, cars & bikes and much more. There are also categories like jobs, matrimonials etc. for those who are interested.

So with a budget of Rs 5000, I began my search for anything interesting I could find. Moreover, it was Diwali time and I wanted to purchase something interesting. My city for the search was Hyderabad having lived here for more than 3 years now. It was a great opportunity to learn on what all the city has to offer.

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Istanbul: Skyscanner helps live a dream!


From spectacular natural beauty to historical legacy, Turkey has so much to offer for any tourist. And Istanbul with its strategic location in the Bosphorus straddling Europe on one hand and Asia on the other, keeps its place as one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

From palaces to bazaars, from mosques to malls; Istanbul blends history with modernity. It’s also a beautiful melting pot of cultures from the European to the Asian traditions finding way in normal lives. To top it all, it has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well.

A trip to Istanbul was always a dream for me until I discovered that I was getting 1 lakh credit points to give wings to my dream. Now that I was being generously showered with this gift, I had to ensure that I planned my trip in the best possible way.

But little did I know the cumbersome process it would be. I was quite confused at the amount of information available on the Internet. But all the information wasn’t really aggregated in one place.

And that’s when I stumbled across Skyscanner’s Travel Wizard.

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A Zesty Weekend at Goa!

The journey is about to begin!

An event in Goa –> Reaction: Interesting

A blogging event in Goa –> Reaction: Delighted

A blogging event for test driving a car, meeting awesome bloggers along with an all expense paid trip and stay at a 5 star resort in Goa –> Reaction: Jumps with joy and waiting eagerly to go

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My experience of the Tata Zest

Team ‘Awesome‘ with the Zest!

After the lovely Tata Indica Vista D90 ZX experience, BlogAdda and Tata Motors have again come together to partner for their latest landmark compact sedan – ‘Tata Zest’. With Tata known to connect with bloggers in a way like no other corporate, they realized that this is the best way to build a brand connect with their prospective audience. So does it work? Let’s check it out.

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Flash Fiction: When I didn’t think twice before sending it!


And before I knew, I had hit ‘Send’. Everyone told me to shut myself up. There was almost no support for what I had gone through. Some said that your career would be finished. While others said that your family will be in danger. But I had it enough. There was only so much I could bear. And this time, I had decided to take a stand! I didn’t care what would the result be nor did I care for my life. All I wanted was some relief.

It all started a few months back when I went to apply for my annual leave. With the pressure of teaching more than 10 classes at school, I hadn’t taken leave for a year. And so as was the procedure, I had to specially meet the principal to convince him to approve my leave application. I knew that I had given all my hard work, sweat and dedication to this job and hadn’t left any stone unturned to ensure that the people who matter are happy with my contributions. But even in my wildest dreams, I wasn’t prepared for what I had to go through when I met him.

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The guy who didn’t bother to remember..!


He was the dude of the college. Whether it was his looks or the way he spoke to women; whether it was his personality or the aura he exhibited, there was something about him which attracted women of all kinds. There were hundreds who tried for just one chance to get to talk to him. There were others who wanted to spend some time with him over
coffee. And there were some who even went to the extent of wanting to touch him just to know if he was for real. It wasn’t always like this.

He had come as a shy and introvert guy who never even spoke to women let alone befriend them or have a girlfriend. His life revolved around studies, classes, assignments and the likes. But when he faced rejection for the first time in life, he realized that he had not bothered about creating a personality. He didn’t have a sense of style or a persona that people craved for. He didn’t know how to talk properly to anyone let alone his classmates. And so he revamped himself completely so much so that the girls began to go weak in their knees waiting to see him everyday.

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Innocence lost in translation!


She was sweet and cute. She seemed happy all the time. It’s always said that kids have a smiling face and bring cheer to everyone around them. Since the time she was a little girl, she kept everyone occupied. Whether it was her parents or her cousins, everyone laughed and enjoyed being around with her.

Sometimes she went and cut the curtains with a pair of scissors or at other times she hid the shoes of people just so that they go about frantically searching for them. Naughtiness and her went hand in hand. Though it was a task for everyone to handle her naughty antics, they still loved to see the smile on her cute little face. It was like everyone wanted to do something just to see her happy.

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Writing to me is… Passion. Habit. Obsession.


If one writes to put thoughts into words, another writes so that emotions can be given a platform. If one writes to make people aware in the society, another writes to bring a smile on someone’s face. Whatever be the reason, writing has the potential of bringing change and making people sit up and take notice of things they may have not heard of at an earlier point in time. It has the capability of changing people’s lives for the good or the bad in a matter of minutes.

So what does writing mean to me? If I come to think of it, writing defines my life in five different ways –

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