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Blue world

Blue world

The blue sky where birds

fly, the blue ocean where the

sea beings stay calm


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Spring season

Those incessant sounds of birds all round

pale in front of anything else

flowers that are still to bloom

might overcome turmoil

still with a smile and

have set aside

time in which

to make


Note: Used Karina Borowicz’s ‘September Tomatoes’ as a prompt

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At first, she was scared that the weight of her

wings and gravity would make it painful

to fly but her mother calmed her down.


Off she went flying over the mountains and

the sea discovering a new world which

was both beautiful and threatening.


With time she started to enjoy flying be it

alone or in a flock so much so that

waited to fly off each day everyday.


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Flying to safety

Flying to safety

The clouds were looking ominous as the

mature one among them was leading the

way though they almost got stuck in the rain.

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Watching the sunrise

and hearing the birds singing their song,

Taking a walk amidst nature

and feeling the breeze hitting one’s face,

Hearing the pitter-patter of the rain outside

and smelling the petrichor after the rain,

One shouldn’t let moments like these slip away.

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The birds sing a song,

The roosters crow along,

The cool breeze blows day long,

As the light begins to prolong,

The colours in the sky belong,

And the clouds turn to shapes like oblong,

While the environment plays along,

The stay-at-home orders continue to prolong.

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Being an introvert was his way of life but

Life around changed within weeks,

Handshakes got replaced by footshakes,

While kisses and hugs were considered dangerous,

Social interactions got replaced by video calls,

While going outside was considered dangerous,

As the world began to lockdown,

The pollution levels plummeted like never before,

While the birds and animals were having all the fun

Loneliness and seclusion inside was taking a toll like never afore,

The sound of the cars on the road and roar of the planes in the sky were absent,

But humans began to adapt and started to gain their composure,

As everything started to go online, it all compensated for the boredom,

The world was much more different than ever before,

But for him it was if he felt a part of it like never afore.

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100 word fiction: Mornings #AtoZChallenge

100 word: Mornings

It was unusual to see the streets so empty without the incessant honking. There were almost no pedestrians to worry about crossing the roads without a care in the world.

Birds of all shapes and sizes which had not been seen in the city for decades had suddenly reappeared as if out of magic.

Every morning, it was a struggle to catch the commuter train to work but not today. The central station had gone so quiet that even a falling pin would have made noise. There were platforms where you couldn’t see a soul even when a train arrived.

Quote: No one left and no one came on the bare platform.

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I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter and my theme is Microfiction


100 word fiction: The elixir of life

100 word fiction: The elixir of lifePHOTO PROMPT © CEAYR

It had been a harsh summer without the usual amounts of rain or snow. The trees in the park nearby seemed like they were crying out for water and care.

The birds on the other hand found some to drink from the small fountain in the center of the park while they flew from one place to another amidst their search.

The fountain was itself devoid of much of its water due to water conservation efforts by the authorities. But whatever remained, it was enough to quench the thirst of these creatures and acted as the perfect elixir of life.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Qatar Airways

“Not all birds can fly. What separates the flyers from the walkers is the ability to take off.” 

– Carl Sagan

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