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100 word fiction: The Shell Collector

The Shell Collector

Tamsin’s heart drummed frantically as she tore through her pack, her books, and the messy desk– where was it?!

It had been over a week since since she visited the nearby beach after her interview. She always went there in search of peace and calm and was resolute in her quest to find it. She found it the perfect place where she could simplify all the challenges of her life just through introspection.

Everytime she went, she collected a few shells and brought them home keeping them on her shelf. But this time, she seemed to have misplaced her collection.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I

While I listen to

everyone, I make sure

that none bully me


I have the courage

to start over again despite

all the lampooning


I have a weakness

for jaunting through crowds as well

lounging on the beach


I make sure that none

of my relationships are

fake in any way


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55 word fiction: Prize


While the temptation was there, he respected the rules of the competition to not wander around the beach though once he knew that he wasn’t about to win the coveted prize and things became inconsequential, he proceeded to lay down on the beach as this way he could drain out the stress from his life.

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Alone at the beach

Alone at the beach

Looking towards the horizon

with the sun setting in the background,

and hearing the sound of the waves hitting the shore

with him lying lazily on the beach,

he knew that he was a beach bum at heart

and could spend days alone there.

Linking to dVerse Quadrille #110: Shall we bum around a bit?

Lost in thoughts

He was cranky hearing the prolix speeches and

decided that he needed to spend some time at the

beach where he saw a ball of fire in the sky.

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100 word fiction: Sunset

100 word fiction: Sunset

“It’s been long since we saw the sunset by the beach. I miss walking with you hand-in-hand and hearing the waves hitting the shore.” Monica had taken the simple pleasures of life for granted.

“Honey, even I miss it too. We can only hope that things can get better soon.”

Like so many others, they were tired of having to stay home for so long. They longed for getting fresh air. They longed to see those sunsets together again. Monica longed to wear her gossamer-like dress and walk by the beach.

They knew that there were no shortcuts to happiness.

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