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Being a baby, he

felt that the time was never

enough to enjoy.

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We all occupy different rooms at different points of our lives,

The room where we first enter as a baby in someone’s arms,

This is where our cries can be heard loud and clear,

Once school begins, we may move to a separate room,

This is where we grow up into a young adult,

With school over and the time to move on comes the college room,

It’s the room full of life, friends, fun and more,

Then comes a job, a family and all the responsibilities that go with it,

During this time rather than change rooms we get a new house or apartment itself,


As we grow older, our outlook towards a room changes.

Inspired by John Updike’s ‘Chambered Nautilus’

“How many rooms one occupies to lead
a life! – the child’s small cell, within earshot
of his parents’ smothered moans; the college room
assigned by number, a poster-clad outpost
of freedom, the married man’s bedchamber,
cramped scene of glad possession and sneaking sorrow…”

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