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In conversation with Nishant Kaushik: Author of multiple bestsellers

Nishant Kaushik


Nishant Kaushik is the bestselling author of Watch Out! We are MBA, A Romance with Chaos, Conditions Apply and My Father is a Hero. He keeps a day job with Infosys Limited and currently lives in Australia. You can find him on Twitter.

He joins us for a quick tete-a-tete.

Aseem: How does it feel to be the author of multiple bestsellers?

Nishant: I am not yet content. Bestseller is an ambiguous term, because as well as your books sell, they can always sell more. I keep working towards that.

Aseem: How different is writing novels when compared to blogging? Do you like one above the other?

Nishant: I prefer writing novels (I am not a very regular blogger). When I write novels I get a chance to escape the real world and delve into the alternate universe my characters inhabit. That journey is something I relish, and I don’t get to experience it while blogging.

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Book Review – My Father is a Hero

My Father Is A Hero

My Father Is A Hero


‘My Father is a Hero’ by Srishti Publishers is Nishant Kaushik’s fifth novel after four bestsellers. At it’s core, it is a heartwarming story of the love between a father and his daughter. Does it work? Let’s check it out.

The blurb goes like this –

Vaibhav Kulkarni has had few accomplishments worth boasting about in his modest life and career. Yet, his happy universe lies intact in the love and pride his ten-year-old daughter inspires in him.

Nisha Kulkarni justifies every reason to be the favourite child of Pune’s premier school – be it her academic brilliance, her exceptional facility with music, or simply her unassuming charm. With his daughter showing promising signs of a stellar success story, Vaibhav has made peace with own unrequited dreams of the past.

But when the girl mysteriously starts losing her mojo and spirals into despair and seclusion, Vaibhav faces the toughest test of his life as a single father – to reclaim his child’s trust and happiness. What distance will a middle-class man with limited means go to show his daughter the merit in believing in a dream? Read this gripping tale of love, courage, and of the emergence of an ordinary man as an extraordinary hero.

For starters, the book has a nice cover design which perfectly captures the essence of the story. Everything about it be it the bag or the father and daughter holding hands is so well thought of.

Nishant has a lovely story at hand. The book starts off slowly as it shows the deep bond of love between Vaibhav and Nisha. Along with going out of his way to ensure that the smile never leaves her face, he also makes it a point to instill the right virtues in her despite the challenges of bringing her up as a single parent.

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Guest Post: Experience Sydney like a local

Everyone who ever visited Sydney realized that it’s a mixture of flawless seaside and cultural beauty, where amazing tropical climate, imposing architecture and laid-back lifestyle create its uniqueness. As a person who lives in Sydney for years, I just adore every part of it.

But when I became a freelance tour guide, I noticed that most tourists head for Opera House and Harbour Bridge, leaving all other magnificent spots completely undiscovered. Plenty of authentic suburbs, monumental places and secluded beach spots present amazing local nooks that show the real Sydney attractiveness. So let me discover the greatest Sydney attractions from a local perspective:

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Will our Indian cricketers ever come out of denial mode?



We lost 4-0 in England. We lost 4-0 in Australia. We couldn’t make it to the ODI tri – series final in Australia. Everyone cried and debated for changes to be done, heads to roll, captaincy to change and the likes. But nothing happened. All our players and selectors made statements about India being champions at home. They felt that everyone was a tiger at home and we would reply to them in kind. They asked rank turners to be prepared when other teams visited the country. As the IPL and the NZ series came and went, the hurt, disappointment and dejection of 8-0 were long gone and buried in the annals of history so to say.

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Guest Post: Around The World in Just A Day or Two!

No, it’s not really about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any reference to any form of communication on the Internet or movies for that matter.

I love to travel. Looking at the list of countries I have visited, I’m quite proud to say that I’ve been to Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Cambodia, Turkey, Italy, and France. I am 25 and recently got married and moved from Malaysia to the United Kingdom. Of course, I don’t intend to end that list just yet!

I was enjoying a nice long bath not too long ago, and this triggered the thought of my friends back in Malaysia. Don’t get me wrong – we don’t share baths! But the nice warm feeling reminded me of the common poolside area we have in the condominium where I used to stay. That was where we neighbours usually met, gathered with friends, ate and bantered about life. That made me suddenly realize that I probably know more about the rest of the world than without realizing it!

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Rahul Dravid – The Wall of Cricket and much more!

Will you open the innings? Yes. Will you keep wickets in order to accommodate an extra batsman? Yes. Will you captain the team? Yes. This was Rahul Dravid for you. A selfless team man for whom the team’s goals and ambitions came way before his own.

Most call him ‘The Wall’. While some call him ‘Mr. Dependable’. But for me he was the one reason stroke makers like Sachin, Sehwag, Dada etc. could flourish. They could play freely knowing that at the other end, ‘The Wall’ was being constructed brick by brick to stay for as long as one could imagine. This was the wall who scored a 12 hour 270* at Rawalpindi. He was the reason we knew that despite the first wicket falling for a low score, we wouldn’t collapse. He was one of the reasons we had belief in saving and even winning overseas tests. He was one of the reasons we learnt to win overseas. Dravid has been part of 15 test wins abroad and in 11 of them he has been awarded the Man of the Match.

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Movie Review – Real Steel

Starring Hugh Jackman in the lead, Real Steel is a flick based on a 1956 short story “Steel” by Richard Matheson. A boxing robot theme interspersed with human emotions seems to be an interesting concept. Does it bring the two together successfully? Lets see.

At the outset we are told that Hugh Jackman who was a former boxer has huge debts on his head. To pay the loan sharks, he organizes robot boxing matches. But sadly ends up losing all the time, until one day…But then he is so enamored with his robots that he himself becomes one. Not bothered about his family and losing himself in the machines, he finally agrees to take custody of his son when told about his girlfriends death. The rest of the story deals with how the father and son partner together to conquer the robotic world.

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End of an era: The Wall retires from ODI cricket

There were many who said he can’t play One Day International (ODI) cricket.

There were many who said he can’t play the shots expected of a batsman in the 50 over game. 

There were also others who said that playing in the 50 over game may bring some needless shots to his repertoire which may spoil his class for Test cricket.

But 344 matches, 196 catches, 10889 runs @ an average of 39, 12 centuries and 83 half centuries later as Rahul Sharad Dravid retires, you wonder if this was the man who had struggled in his initial days in ODI cricket. Between 1996-99 he had become used to sitting in and out of the team. Those were the years when all his doubters had their tails up constantly asking questions about his strike rate, ability to rotate the strike and what not.

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Flight Simulator Kuwait – The closest I came to flying!

There is a joke that this Flight Simulator franchise would be offering certifications to show that people have actually flown a flight if it hadn’t been for the fake pilot cases in India. But on a different note, Flight Simulator does give you the ultimate experience of piloting a Boeing 737 airliner.

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Movie Review “Crook – Its Good to be Bad”

“Crook – Its Good to be Bad” is a movie starring Emraan Hashmi and newcomer Neha Sharma (acted in two Telugu movies before) directed by Mohit Suri. It had been heavily publicized as a movie based on the racial attacks against Indians in Australia in 2009. With the racial attacks affecting a number of Indian students across Melbourne and much of Victoria, it was only a matter of time before Bollywood readied itself to make a movie on this issue. And who better than Bhatt to make this right? WRONG!

Jai Dixit’s (Emraan Hashmi) father is an underworld don who is killed by the police after he confesses that RDX from his smuggled consignment was used in the Mumbai blast. He is brought up by Gulshan Grover who out of worry that Jai would fall into bad things sends him to Australia with a new identity. And as you expect, he meets up Suhani (Neha Sharma) there and immediately falls in love with her / or shall we say love to get Permanent Residency. But then the racial attacks begin wherein people are attacked, killed, mugged and what not. The rest of the story deals with the reasons for the attacks and the problems from both the sides.

Emraan Hashmi sleepwalks through his role. He has played the bad boy character a zillion times and now audiences are seriously bored. Dude! Get a life maan! Neha Sharma has nothing to do other than walk in short dresses on the streets of Melbourne or shall I say Cape Town 😉 (disguised as Melbourne). Everything about the movie is half hearted be it the love sequences, the songs or the racism issue. Mohit Suri doesn’t know whether to concentrate on love or racism and he seems torn in between.

“Mere Bina” sung beautifully by Nikhil Dsouza is the only thing going for the film. Another problem about the film is that it gets too jingoistic against the Aussies. I mean yes they are racist, but then is the whole country like that? It’s just an attempt at sensationalism by the Bhatts. Even the bare back scene of the foreign female is just for 2 seconds. And you wonder what was the hullabaloo all about?

Final verdict – Poor!

Rating – 1/5

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