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Oman Diaries – Sunset, Sunrise & the Mysteries of Wahiba Sands

In a continuation to my previous post on Wahiba Sands, I also wanted to mention about one of the mysteries I came across during my stay as well as watching the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

Since we had arrived around late afternoon, we set out to capture the sunset at about 5pm in the evening. With our cameras and smartphones in tow, we set out with Majid (our driver cum guide) in the Land Cruiser Prado to the vantage point which was to provide us the best view of the sunset.

Our Land Cruiser Prado arrives at the vantage point..

Our Land Cruiser Prado arrives at the vantage point..

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Oman Diaries: Exploring the vastness of Wahiba Sands

 The sand stretches as far as the eyes can see..The sands stretch as far as the eyes can see..

Wahiba Sands (now known as Sharqiya Sands) is a desert area around 250kms away from Muscat and about 120 kms from the city of Sur in the Sultanate of Oman. It’s size is around 12,500 square kilometers. The vastness of the desert hits you in the face as you enter it.

There are dunes of varying heights in all directions. Some tower well above the others. There is sand visible everywhere as far as the eyes can see.

Coffee ShopThe coffee shop..

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