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As he walked through the alley, he thought of the

legacy of his missing father who had

disappeared and despite requests for patience,

it was insinuated that he had moved over

to the other side without caring for all

his family and friends who stood by his side.

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She had seen it all

but was still strong enough to

ride the massive waves

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The rain had its way

as the plants and the fishes got

a new lease of life.

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While his imagination ran wild on

what could he be confronted with on the other

side, flatus had gotten the better of him.

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Paragon of virtue

Paragon of virtue

Though she was a diminutive lady and

they were close to the fence, she wasn’t afraid

one bit as she knew that being a paragon

of virtue would help her get her way through any

challenge as was the case all these years despite

not making everyone happy all the time.

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One-Liner Wednesday: Independence

One-Liner Wednesday: Independence

Independence is a privilege we all must cherish and be grateful for considering there are so many even today who aren’t independent in the real sense of the word.

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