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Padhee and Anish – You guys are the best! This ones 4 U :)

Yeah, this took a looooooooong time coming. Since quite some time back, I had thought of writing about these two guys but somehow couldn’t due to lack of time or my poor “thought” process as to what all I should include in the post. But nonetheless, I am here to tell you guys about two of my closest friends – “Padhee” (ok before you ask, his full name is Siddharth Sourav Padhee…Then why Padhee?..cuz he has always responded to Padhee and that stuck to him so much after a certain period that when people called out Siddharth or Sourav, he never bothered to even look around :D) and Anish (My junior at VIT not in age though but he still calls me his “elder brother”.. one of the very very few guys in this world who I feel I share a number of qualities with).

So where should I begin? I met Padhee in the beginning of 2008 or so and Anish in the middle somewhere though I spoke to them the most in the last sem. Unsurprisingly, I met both of them through the one and only Ranjani. Ranjani became friends with the Mechanical group – Kalla, Rahul, Padhee, Udayan and others. Among them, she became really good friends with Padhee and this gave me a great chance to get to know him a lot more.  Initially though they used to keep talking and I used to say “Hi” and then “bye” and go away to hostel to speak to people. But as time went by and I and Ranjani started sitting for CAT practice in the library, I came to know him a lot more. Since both of us were practicing while he used to take in the usual technical knowledge from “N” number of books, (God! seeing him take so many books from the library, I used to always feel guilty as to how I just end up studying from xeroxes all the time, but thankfully I never let this guilty feeling turn into useful action :D) many times we would just end up doing timepass and talking and chatting on anything and everything happening around be it the girls, the gossip, the relationships of anyone in class anything!

I met Anish – one of Sruthi’s closest friends while working on the IIT Guwahati Business Plan sometime when he spoke about bra sizes, types and everything else as if he was an expert on that! It was an interesting first meeting though I guess he got a pretty nerdy 😀 opinion of me at that time. I seriously laugh thinking at the way I asked him if he was interested to be a part of the Riviera editorial team when Sru was there at that time in the canteen. Maan it feels so funny thinking of it now…Hahahaha 🙂

The times we – me, padhee and ranju or me, ranju and anish or all four us have had together sitting outside FC, having gobi65 continuously over many days, trying new dishes very frequently like cheese dosa, thick milk shake to name a few, walking so many times around campus till we got tired, at Singh is King (when all three of us were drooling over Katrina and Ranju dint know what to do) in Raghavendra – the “world class” theater at Vellore which I really miss (maan Rs 30-40 tickets), visits to the best ice cream parlour in town “Gelato” which I am sure was specially open for VIT students, just walking around campus and Ranju updating us on all the gossip saying “You know what” till the time we thought that cmon lets have an ice tea (the Nescafe parlour guy would surely be a rich man cuz of the number of times we frequented it :D) or go 2 FC and many more have been so beautiful, so amazing and are really cherished.

The best experience of probably all four years of my life was making the movie for “madame’s” birthday and planning for it. Maan the way we planned each and every bit about the birthday and the way we systematically spent about 1 hour for 1-2 hours for approximately 10-15 days for the video was tremendous. God! I doubt I planned on my studies so well seriously. Mine and Padhee’s nomenclature of my friends as Badi Madam, Choti Madam, Roller Coaster Madam, History Madam etc was hilarious to say the least (Though I shall not name the respective people here for privacy reasons :D).

I always thought the last sem will be soooo boring and dull because many of my friends had left to do projects outside. But in the end, it turned out to be one of the most busiest semesters for me in 4 years in terms of the amount of “mental” stress I had to go through some of it through my own making and some through others. But thankfully to their presence, I think I remained sane. The conversations all three of us – Padhee, Anish and me had over love, life, friendship and careers were really amazing. I remember all their suggestions, advices and talks on all these issues.

The day when Ranjani left for good was a day wherein I couldn’t control myself but thankfully managed very well due to their presence. That day interestingly all of us slept in Anish’s room. I guess were talking till about 2-3 or so.

In the end I would just like to quote something what Padhee has said – “I wouldn’t ask that why didn’t we meet earlier cuz I seriously feel that the times we spent together were the most amazing of our lives”!

The four of us – You guys will always remind me the best days of my life!!

Finally I am back to where I belong after a huge gap of half a month due to loads of work. But yeah at the end of all this only one phrase comes to my mind “Mera number kab aayega”. But I have realised that “sabar ka phal meetha hota hai”. Ok guys I know you must be bored by my crapping away, so I shall get to the point.

This is about the four of us. A group which probably was as different as chalk and cheese, a group which was an example of diversity to the world (2 christians, 1 muslim and 1 hindu – we had never thought of this aspect before but yeah its lovely the way we gelled together), a group which didn’t hang out together so much per se as during college hours, a group which remained incomplete even if one of the members wasn’t there…this was us – Arun, Girish (Giri), Mohsin (MBL) and me.

In the first year in F-Block, Arun stayed just across my room in the same floor while I somehow met MBL (dont exactly remember when  :P). Had met Giri though didnt talk much that time. It was in the 2nd year when all of us shifted to the International Hostel (IH- which was later renamed just D-Block – god so much for the name

Ok now I shall talk a little about all of them. MBL has been the cleanest, nicest and sweetest guys (this nicest and sweetest part obviously applies to Giri and Arun 2 :)) I have ever seen in my life. He used to literally sweep his room 5-6 times a day and that to many times with talcum powder (now thats something big im sure!!). Ok for him the nicest and sweetest part is reserved a lot for gals (older and younger both – I shall not go further cuz I am sure he will kill me if I do :P). His way of saying hi and other antics were imitated so well by Arun…lol..But yeah hes an amazing artist, a great multitasker doing everything from Art work to singing to studying at the last moment many times through me teaching him till the last moment till the point hes about to enter the classroom for an exam and then topping…(even though he used to say that He gassed up the paper!!!). N Yeah his debating skills maan this guy can debate on anything from having just one kid to Indian movies having sad endings to I dont know what not…He just manages to keep debating even though he may know that its not exactly true (That sure is an amazing quality)..How can I forget his sleeping habits…Before coming to VIT I thought that I was Kumbhkaran sleeping like crazzyy..But he was the one who no one could beat..Setting records of sleeping for upto 19 hours on a stretch and also sleeping the day before the exam and then studying full nite…Your the one dude!!…

Girish aka Giri aka 50 cent aka Rapper from Panruti…even though I started talking to this guy a lot only in 2nd year we became real close friends pretty soon…His way of saying “Yo maan whats up..”.. and wazzup and stuff like that became the talk of the whole IH hostel and also the college…he also came to be known as Giri (though pronounced Givi) as everyone caught this lingo in hostel and it became like a word that everyone used 2 use even though he may not be there around…Hes an amazing guitarist, a great bball player (dude I am sure if you would have kept on playing you would have surely got into the team) and also a great chicken lover (god I still remember how MBL used to make fun of the way he used to have it lol..:P)…But the best thing I am happy about is the fact that I was able to help him improve his CGPA in a way by teaching him before the exams prbly through the nite or even full portions 2 hrs before exams…

Arun the one who may appear slightly sleepy eyed and also like someone who doesnt speak much…But dont go by his looks cuz he has one of the greatest sense of humor I have ever seen in a person..(I mean he can just crack jokes in the  most serious of situations )..He is an amazing cartoonist with his caricatures being publicly available in the book “Shimmering Reflections” – his caricatures were of teachers, situations in the college, in the mess, outside college and what not…Hes one of the most creative guys I have known…Both MBL and Arun are amazing cooks (they could surely give great chefs a run for their money with their exotic dishes!!)

All our times spent in MBL’s room debating on various issues (where I was the one mostly getting pissed off and raising my voice, Giri trying to mediate and MBL continously arguing while Arun used to go off to sleep and get up in between to see us fighting and again sleep off :P), our visits to Spice Garden for sizzlers, Rivierview, Darling (for Afghani Chicken and Macroni – oh maan it was amazing:)), Sparkies, Barbeque Nation, our trip to BITS Pilani, Goa Campus for a presentation (MBL, Giri and me – What a way we found to go to Goa hahaha:)), mine and Giri’s visit to IIT Roorkee (where Giri had the most amazing veg food in one of my aunts places) are treasured by me.

I still remember my last day 17th May 2009 when MBL decided to come to leave me all the way to the airport from Vellore and then how all of you agreed and came standing half way in the train with me in the reserved compartment. I was really overwhelmed by the fact that you guys came all the way to the airport to see me off. When I had landed at Anna Salai airport on 2nd July 2005, I hadnt imagined even in my wildest dreams that 3 guys would come to see me off 4 years down the line. Thankfully, I left that day because I am sure otherwise I would have broken down.

You guys made this the best days of my life seriously….


Ranju – This ones an ode to U!!

For the uninitiated, Ranjani Gopal (popularly known as Ranju at least for me – waise toh unke bahut naam hai like Rajjo, Run-Genie, Cracksy and wat not) has been my classmate since 7th std. Yes, our friendship dates back to 1999 (Now thats an amazingly looooooong time). We were together in 7th, 11th (only in Maths), 12th at ISM (Indian School Muscat) and then four amazing yrs at VIT. In 7th we were just like ok friends chalta hai types. Then for 3 years didnt have much contact as such.

When we met in 11th, we had changed a lot obviously in terms of the way we thought about life, friends etc. Basically both of us had become much more mature about life. But this gave a great chance for us to revive our friendship (not that it had died or something…but i guess if you are in one class its very easy to maintain it). Then finally came 12th std when we were back together in one class after 5 years (Now thats a pretty big time!!). But the way we spoke in 12th, it didnt seem like we had been away for loooong. Loads of interesting things happened in that year (some of which obviously shouldnt be spoken in a public forum 😛 cuz I am sure the people who matter know it ;)). All the times during Chitra maam’s and Preetha maam’s tution spent on talking all kinds of things in the world were really amazing.

Then again for the next four years we ended up being together (After this I was sure that god surely wanted us to be friends for as looooong as we can be). At VIT we had the most amazing times together be it good times, bad times, funny times, sweet times doing wat not. We really lived a lyf together (here we were in the same dept and also used to be together around campus till 7-8pm unlike in ISM wherein we met only at school or tutions).

Roaming around campus doing nothing discussing abt issues ranging from which relationship has bloomed to which went bust, having gobi 65 at FC or canteen (god i still remember that frenzy in the last few days of college of her having it so frequently :P), the times spent with Padhee (oh god wat bad luck or whatever u may call it he had that he used to get injured so often :P) and Anish (i surely cannot forget our beautiful times together) , spending time at FC, QB, going to Aahar Dhaba so often (ahaaa i still remember that day how i ate whatever she ate!! god i was gone mad ;)), watching movies in Raghavendra for just 30-40 bucks…maan that was so bloody cheap, she getting pissed off at me most of the times because of not coming on time during project and also otherwise cuz of my sleep as she had to literally wake up the whole hostel, she having to wait for me (obviously again due to my sleeping habits) maaan i can go on and on but all these times were and will be the most precious ones of my life.

I seriously admire her the way she is. Her being helpful to anyone and everyone, her amazing ability to initiate a conversation with anyone, the lengths she can go to care about any person she loves, her dedication to achieve and do what she likes are some of the few qualities which I have tried to imbibe in my life. She has been the backbone of my life. From helping me in love to making friends to helping me become a much more dynamic person in life to always being there for me whenever I needed her, she has played an amazing role in my life which I know no one can replace.

When we parted on 17th May 2009 at around 4pm, i felt a really big hole inside me as to how life would be like without having her as my support system. But as they say the show must go on and it does with her in Dubai searching for a job and me at SIBM Pune doing MBA.

I would just like to end by saying that  I am really proud to have a friend like Ranjani and the ten years we have been together have been one of my most beautiful years. I am sure we will meet soon, because I really believe that we are meant to be friends for life.

Three Cheers to our friendship!!!!

PS :- Padhee and Anish – You guys will surely be covered in the next few posts coming up!!!..I have loads to tell 😛

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