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100 word fiction: The rise..

100 word fiction

“You need to have the courage to follow your dreams and climb the steps to your goal. You can crib all day long about what you don’t have. Or instead, you can pursue your dream and live life on your own terms. It’s your choice.”

In a country without a history of fencing, Malti had carved out a niche for herself by winning numerous tournaments. And now, she had to move out of India for a few years to train and realize her dream of representing the country.

She knew that it was time to take the leap of faith.

100 word fiction: The keys..

The keys to your home door

“Please don’t do this. I beg you. I am sick and tired of this torture.” She could only murmur as he locked her and took the keys away.

The man whom she called ‘father’ had sexually tortured her and her sister for years. He had kept them in an underground cellar hidden from the world including their mother. They always wondered whether their mother had even tried searching for them.

At first, they tried to fight their way out of his clutches. But slowly they resigned themselves to this fate hoping that they rather face death than be his toy.

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100 word fiction – Deserted at the altar

Deserted at the altar

Deserted at the altar

“I guess this is it. We were meant to be together only till this point.”

“Are you out of your mind? All the preparations are done. Everything is finalized. The marriage takes place in 2 hours. And now you say that its over?”

“Yes, you heard it right. There’s someone else in my life.” And saying this, she walked away with tears in her eyes even before he could ask the questions swirling in his head.

Despite their numerous attempts, her parents hadn’t agreed to their relationship. And she feared that if they got together, their lives would be at stake.

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100 word fiction – Storm clouds..

The storm clouds moving in...

The storm clouds moving in…

PHOTO PROMPT © Lucy Fridkin

“The rain is starting to get heavier as we speak. It’s better we head back as soon as possible lest we get stuck in the storm. The clouds seem to be coming in quicker than we had imagined.”

Rennie always loved to take his Cessna every weekend for a joy ride over the coast. The views of the evening skyline from the cockpit were astonishing.

Though there was the danger of the storm approaching, his son also wanted to experience the city from up above the clouds. But as soon as they took off, they ran into some turbulent weather.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

100 word fiction: The locked room..

The purple door


The room had been locked for years. Rachel had heard stories about her aunt’s ghost lurking behind those doors. This aunt had failed in love and out of despair, she committed suicide.

Rachel didn’t believe all this until one evening when she heard footsteps from the room. They got louder and louder and finally someone began banging the door from inside amidst cries for help. Even before she could react, the door was thrown open.

Almost immediately, Rachel got up sweating profusely. It was 3am and she looked out only to see the room locked as before. Was she dreaming?

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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100 word fiction: The ramshackle house

The ramshackle house

The ramshackle house

Photo Credit – Shamatura Ilya

The sound of the earth shaking was still vivid in his memory. He only had seconds to react and take his family along with himself out to safety. The 6.5 magnitude temblor at 2:57am had jolted the entire city out from it’s slumber.

The continuous aftershocks in the next few days ensured that almost everyone was forced to sleep under the open sky.

On returning back after a couple of weeks, he burst into tears seeing his once beautiful house.

“I spent my entire life’s earning to build this abode only for it to be destroyed by an act of God!”

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100 word fiction: The wall..

The wall

The wall

PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

The wall had been the source of bloodshed and anger between the two nations for years.

It had split families apart on either side.

It had been witness to umpteen deaths, destruction and unprovoked firing resulting in a high number of casualties in different incidents.

The people on either side of the wall had different beliefs, virtues and principles so much so that the two nations were as different as chalk and cheese in their foreign policy matters, economy and global standing.

The Korean wall was successful in splitting the North and South at both a physical and people-to-people level.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.


100 word fiction: Zero – An opportunity or a curse?


Zero - An opportunity or a curse?

Zero – An opportunity or a curse?


“You weren’t able to score a run in today’s game. Your technique against the moving ball seemed quite awful.”

“While I accept my mistakes in today’s game, I see it as an opportunity to improve the next time around.”

The southpaw had a spectacular introduction into cricket a few years ago with a swashbuckling century. He had subsequently gone on to score runs against a variety of opposition.

Having been there and done that, he knew that crests and troughs were part of any cricketer’s job. And he would get out of the run scoring drought sooner rather than later.

Indispire Edition 144: Write a post on 0 (Zero). Write anything- humour, short story, haiku, poem, or a memory.

100 word fiction: The hurricane..



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“I guess the guys at the meteorological observatory were finally right this time. The storm seems to have begun after all.”

“Thanks son for buying all the groceries yesterday evening. Looks like we are in for the long haul this weekend.”

Just as the mother and son were discussing the incoming hurricane, the electricity went off. The Smith’s had prepared for hurricanes for years but this time it seemed for real.

They lit up the two oil lamps and got back to setting the house in order. They didn’t want to be left red faced in terms of their preparedness.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

100 word fiction: What you don’t know

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown


“There is always the fear of the unknown. We are all wary of taking risks lest we fail and fall down by the wayside. But a life without challenges isn’t really a life worth living.

While success is always welcome, only when you fall do you truly realize what it takes to rise and shine all the way.”

Rakesh had failed to clear a number of job interviews in succession due to one reason or another. And when he finally did, the first thing which came to his mind was his father’s words which had shaped his approach in life.

Day 2 Prompt: What you don’t know



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