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100 word fiction: Legacy

100 word fiction: Legacy

He had built on the legacy of his father when he setup the school in his memory. While the school seemed like any other from the outside, it surely was different from the others.

The students were from the disadvantaged communities around the area who couldn’t afford the other expensive schools. They were provided with nutritious meals and a proper environment to study free from any discrimination whatsoever. As was his father’s wish, he ensured that the school was free from vices of any kind.

All this had ensured that his respect amongst the students and teachers was very pronounced.

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100 word fiction: A Pacific holiday

100 word fiction: A Pacific holiday

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

“Love, you are so busy all the time. Don’t you think we need a holiday?”. Ronnie was just tired seeing his wife work her socks off.

Jess had founded her own organization and had been working overtime for years to set it up and get things moving.

“I actually have a surprise for you.” She handed over a few papers.

“What’s this?” He looked confused.

“This is the trip we both wanted, didn’t we? Look at the itinerary for our dream Pacific holiday. If you like it, we could book it? She looked at him expectantly.

He hugged her tight.

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100 word fiction: Road trip

100 word fiction: Road trip

They loved going on long drives from time to time. But the lockdown had put paid to all their plans of soaking themselves in the spring sunshine.

While they had regular day jobs, things had become difficult when both were stuck at home. Life wasn’t all hunky-dory as the disagreements had started to pile up.

While they kept searching for a platform to voice their frustrations, the lockdown was lifted only after a couple of months. When they finally did get a chance to go on a road trip again, they were just thankful that they could again experience nature.

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100 word fiction: Waste

100 word fiction: Waste

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

They loved going to their cabin almost every weekend to have a nice time with the family.

It was the perfect getaway from the busy city life. But as time went by, they started to see an outline of garbage around the area whenever they approached their cabin.

It felt that as though people had started to dump whatever they could from electronics to papers without a care in the world. Despite numerous pleas, there had only been a limp effort to clean the mess.

One could only imagine how the animals around felt seeing the ruckus created by humanity.

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100 word fiction: Sea

100 word fiction: Sea

They always loved going to beaches where there wasn’t a lot of crowd just so that they could relax in the calm and tranquil surroundings. They had grown weary to the point of being burnt out from their day jobs and finally when they did get a chance, they packed whatever they could and took off to Punta Cana.

With sunny climes, beautiful palm trees coupled with lovely sandy beaches, this was surely heaven on earth. While they spent their days walking hand in hand and sunbathing, their evenings were all about romantic dinners saying sweet nothings under the stars.

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100 word fiction: Zappy #AtoZChallenge

100 word fiction: Zappy

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“Wasn’t this the liveliest place in town? There were so many times that we have seen couples waiting outside just to get a seat.”

When Alan and Roy had met in university, they would have laughed if someone would have said that they would co-own a restaurant many years down the line. But here they were, running one of the most successful eateries in the area.

But things had changed within weeks. The customers had disappeared. Home delivery wasn’t even half as successful as dining in. Most of the employees had been furloughed.

“Times can change fast.” Roy lamented wistfully.

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100 word fiction: Xenization #AtoZChallenge

100 word fiction: Xenization

Though he was literally on the top of Africa, he felt a certain sense of loneliness seeing the vast tracts of emptiness all around.

He loved exploring the world and had visited more than 120 countries. While he did encounter many strangers on such trips who eventually became friends, he had started to feel the need for a travel companion.

And now as he sat on Mount Kilimanjaro, he couldn’t help but wonder how different life would have been if he had instead taken up the software job he rejected in favour of this one. Had he made the right decision?

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100 word fiction: Stickler

100 word fiction: Stickler

He had always been a stickler for accuracy in anything he did whether it was his personal or professional life. While his managers were happy with his attention to detail, he always risked irritating his colleagues. They blamed him for their managers making them go the extra mile as well.

When he finally got married, he always made sure that everything was done to perfection. He never liked mediocrity and he expected his wife to follow the same.

While his colleagues were forced to tolerate him, his wife couldn’t take it beyond a point and decided that enough was enough.

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100 word fiction: View #AtoZChallenge

100 word fiction: View

“This is simply beautiful. All I can see is miles and miles of green. And to top it all, the colors of the sunset are gorgeous. Now I realize what I had missed for the last couple of months.”

After his operation, this was the first time Rick had been able to accompany Ron for their weekly hike up the hills around their neighbourhood.

A day job as the Founder and CEO of a small startup, Rick had quite a tough job extinguishing small fires day in and day out. This hike was his way to take in the nature.

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100 word fiction: Thoughts

100 word fiction: Thoughts


“That was the trip of a lifetime. We walked hand in hand like a lovestruck couple. We kissed under the Eiffel and had a lovely candle light dinner on the Seine Cruise.”

As she left the house for possibly the last time, she threw the iconic photograph which reminded them of their past. Theirs was a whirlwind romance as they met on a flight where she was the senior flight purser.

Within weeks, they were dating. Their relationship was doomed from the start as she dreamed of soaring in the skies while he expected her to be by his side.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter and my theme is Microfiction.

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