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Paradox of our times

Paradox of our times

While some countries began the summer with hope as vaccines started to roll out, most others were still going through lockdowns due to the increasing coronavirus cases. And with the beginning of August, the nightmare started to get real as the hospitalizations and deaths started to creep up in many parts of the world. But life rolled on as usual or so it seemed with the seasons leading the way. In the Northern Hemisphere, the weather was hot and sultry while in the Southern Hemisphere, the winter was coming to an end. The farmers began harvesting their crops as always. In countries with vaccines, life was returning to the pre-pandemic days. But in others, there was nothing resembling normalcy.

Blue skies, beautiful

sunshine, birds chirping around

freshness of summer


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  1. A riveting contrast in countries facing the pandemic! And how you evoke the pastoral ordinariness of August’s transitional time. Great write!

  2. Beverly Crawford

    The spectre of Covid still looms and numbers are creeping up again. Still there are those who refuse to get the vaccine, and declare Covid a hoax. Unbelievable!

  3. There are many sides to transition — in either direction.
    Well done.

  4. A very unusual August around the world this year. You have said it well! Well done.

  5. Hoping and praying things become better.God does help people who help themselves.

  6. Neha Sharma

    Very well said. We can only hope that population around the world get the vaccines soon so that the life can get back to normal.

  7. It’s interesting how some things change – like how we have been moving – and yet some things – blue skies – don’t. Such is the transitory nature of humans.

  8. Fingers crossed towards the life of normalcy in the COVID era.

  9. Indeed its a paradox. Things are still grim I feel, hoping for better times.

  10. Madhu Bindra

    Quite a paradox. It is said that Fall is when the pandemic would resurface. We just need to hope that does not happen.

  11. Quite true. We can only hope for an end to this but it does not seem anytime soon.

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