Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words



Life is like the waves in the ocean,

sometimes there are ups

while at other times there are downs.


When there is a lot of good happening, there could be so

much of it that people start

to get out of touch with reality.


So when the ‘bad’ comes along,

people are stunned thinking as to

what hit them.


A mix of both the good and the bad is

what makes life worth living as one

keeps working to turn around the ‘bad’ into the ‘good’

and to turn the ‘good’ into something even better.


Linking to dVerse Prompt: Who’s your Muse?


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  1. “turn around the ‘bad’ into the ‘good’

    and to turn the ‘good’ into something even better.”

  2. It’s true, we always need balance, and often when we think we’re riding high on the waves, we get knocked down by the wheel of fortune!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Yeah we should definitely be ready to accept life in its various shapes and forms.

  3. The balance is so crucial and yet so difficult to obtain. Your muse is a practical one with much life wisdom to impart. Great transition of thoughts.

    • transitionofthoughts

      I guess that balance is what we all aim to achieve but find it quite difficult to do so. Thanks for stopping by :).

  4. Ups and downs do indeed fuel the Muse … help us create our poems. Cheers.

  5. Work the bad into something positive and reap lessons learned. Nice!!!


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