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Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest

‘But man is not made for defeat,’ he said. ‘A man can be destroyed but not defeated.’
– The Old Man and the Sea (1952) by Ernest Hemingway

A struggle to live

amidst the horror of death

without oxygen


A struggle to live

amidst loss of livelihood

and hopelessness


But also a chance

to readapt and rethink our

way of life ahead


But also a chance

for survival of the fittest

in more ways than one

Linking to dVerse Challenge: dVerse Poetics – One True Sentence


First day of summer




  1. I like it. A rose in the fisted glove, as the man said.


  2. Quite true!

  3. Readapt / rethink…mandatory efforts for survival. Well done!

  4. This is true.

  5. I appreciate your perspective on what is facing so many right now. Thank you for participating in the dVerse prompt!

  6. How true! All that we have experienced in this past year may have changed our life, completely, but it has also taught us to live with that change and learn some very important lessons that could help us live better from here on.

    • transitionofthoughts

      And I think these lessons are what will keep us in good stead in the months and years from now. Thanks Shilpa for stopping by :).

  7. I agree. It’s a chance to make a new start now, and do things better!

  8. A nice pairing of Hemingway’s line and poetry …….

  9. That adaptability is paramount to our change! Thank you for your reminding us that in order to survive, sometimes we must change. <3

  10. Hear, hear! A great response to the prompt, and I love your Darwin quote too 🙂

  11. sanaarizvi

    I love the poignancy with which this poem is penned!

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