Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

Dark night sky

Dark night sky

The dark night sky

so many stars wherever you see

peace and quiet around,

a time to reflect


So many stars wherever you see

that light up the night sky

in all its glory


Peace and quiet around

with miles and miles of desert

without a single soul around


A time to reflect

and introspect for everything

that has been and always will be


Linking to dVerse Challenge – Poetry Form: Trimeric 


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  1. Very nice and very peaceful. I love the image that went with this too.

  2. The night is always magical, even mystical too in the air. A certain feeling about it that you capture amazingly in this piece. Great work. : )

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh the stars, the lovely moon and the peace and quiet to go with it. Thanks Lucy :).

  3. A beautiful time to reflect and drink in the beauty of the night sky. Thanks for the heavenly trimeric!

  4. Lovely trimeric – the heavens are truly wondrous

    So many stars wherever you see

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thank you :). Oh the heavens definitely are truly wondrous :D.

  5. A lovely, peaceful reflective poem!

  6. brimming with wisdom but also wrapped in peace.

  7. Ooooommmmmmmmmm….. Yes.

  8. Well done! The night sky reassures us that we aren’t ‘in charge’. Lifting that weight, provides peace.

  9. Indeed, your lovely trimeric reflects all that beauty and peace.

  10. Peace yes. We need to become it if we want it to flourish in this day and age. Loved the poem. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Xan

    The repetitive form is so perfect for prayers like these, for making us stop, and listen, and look, and reflect. Lovely.

  12. Incredibly serene trimeric. Lovely.

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