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Story of a Dragon Fruit

Story of a Dragon Fruit

Flashy and rigid

on the outside, soft and calm

on the insides


As I cut it, I

visualize the power and

strength it symbolizes


Linking to dVerse Challenge: Poetics – How to Cut a Pomegranate




Left at the altar


  1. Enjoyed your dragon fruit haiku

  2. I love how you explicate the dragon fruit’s beauty, along with its inner strength. Appearances aren’t always what they seem. Very well-written!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes that’s quite true. It has always seemed like an intriguing fruit to me :).

  3. Beautifully written, it’s interesting to see how you gave characteristics to a dragonfruit 🙂

  4. It is an eye-catching fruit, for sure!

  5. How delightful, a second helping of dragon fruit. I love the way you describe it as flashy and rigid on the outside, it is so astonishingly lethal-looking and, yes, powerful and strong.

  6. ahhh! I agree. it feels like cutting a dragon and getting the galaxy, right? well done!

  7. Shawna

    “As I cut it, I

    visualize the power …”

    Perfect. I’m pleased you did such a unique fruit.

  8. Lovely haiku and accompanying image 🙂

  9. Good for you and beautiful too!! I love the speckled inside of the fruit … I have only had them a few times but now I want one!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes its definitely quite different than most fruits out there particularly in terms of its appearance :).

  10. A concise and powerful poem!

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