He just left

He just left

As I look back, I

keep wondering whether he

really loved me


We started as friends

in school, chit-chatting away

for hours on end


He always made it

a point to do what he could

to see others smile


He always went out

of his way to impress me

or so I observed


With time, we became

inseparable and went

together to college


While initially

things continued as-is or

so it was looking


Something was not right

as cracks started to appear

between both of us


Quarrels were part and

parcel of our lives as we

began to grow apart


And then one day he

just left me for someone else

without any remorse


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  1. I like how you have given us an insight into the jilted woman’s feelings here. A sad story, well-woven, and a great response to the prompt!

  2. You captured well the journey of two people growing apart, the rejection and sadness of facing the ending of a long relationship. Well penned.