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With an unrelenting zest for success he knew

that he had it all to succeed in his new venture,

While things started slowly, it all started to grow

with speed as word-of-mouth started to pick up pace

But new government regulations hampered his plans


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  1. Beverly Crawford

    It’s truly been a difficult time for new business start-up, and many dreams have been shattered by Covid.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Covid has changed our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

  2. It can really be hard to set up a new business when everything’s changing.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes, setting up a new business in times like these would be up there as one of the toughest things to do unfortunately.

  3. Sometimes it seems that government bureaucrats hinder more than help small business. Seldom does it get better, just worse.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes especially when there are too many processes and bureaucratic hurdles to go through it just becomes a painful exercise to start / manage a business.

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