Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

Her Dreams

Her Dreams

While her eyes didn’t aid

her, her hands and feet worked in

sync to change her life


Note: Inspired from stories of those who achieved their dreams onstage despite losing their vision at an early age.

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Prodigious talent


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  1. That’s lovely!

  2. Succinct but strong!

  3. A beautiful achievement!

  4. You can only admire that sort of courage and conviction. Nice.

  5. beautiful haiku

  6. You’ve made a statement there! Bravo!

  7. In a bit of synchronicity I just watched a movie about a dancer who was going blind. Bjork played the title role.

  8. Beautiful.. well penned…

  9. Beautiful. Glad to have come across your blog through the #blogchatterA2z challenge.

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