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As he remembered the smell of the earth after the first rain of the season, he couldn’t help but visualize the tranquil surroundings. They would always sit in the balcony sipping tea and chatting about the day gone by. It had been six years since she was gone but he still missed her deeply.

He was tired of his relatives foisting their thoughts on him about a second marriage. He felt that they were trying to disparage his feelings for his long lost love.

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  1. Marleen

    This is a thoughtful post that I liked reading.

  2. Oh, what a sad thing to do! People should learn to live and let live! Huh!

    • transitionofthoughts

      They definitely should. But sadly, many don’t realize that and start interfering in the affairs of others.

  3. Remarrying or staying single, living life should be a choice people make for themselves, not based on other’s opinions, or suggestions. But, sigh, people never let others be!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Such decisions should ideally be based on people’s own choices. But unfortunately there are those who always end up commenting.

  4. Disparage, a new English word to me. Very sad feelings indeed. I love smell of the soil after the rain too, it’s fun that’s it’s always bringing memories (not necessarly sad ones)

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thanks Frederique for stopping by :). The smell after the rain feels fresh and lovely :).

  5. This one tugged my heart strings. Loving another certainly does not discredit the love for the first.

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