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100 word fiction: Summer vs Winter

100 word fiction: Summer vs Winter

It was a warm summer day with brilliant sunshine. With the temperature in the early 20s, it was the sort of the day which one would spend out in the open as much as possible. He was used to the long and cold winters and therefore seeing the sun was a time to rejoice, an emotion he longed for.

As he walked down the stairs to tend to his fields, he couldn’t help but remember how white everything looked during winter. At times, the heavy snowfall would make things quite dangerous. And then, he would covet the warmth of summer.

100 word fiction: Summer vs Winter

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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  1. And the summer is nearly here. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere. In which case it’s almost gone

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes in the northern hemisphere its just the beginning. And for where I stay, summer is definitely not a time I look forward to :(.

  2. I find the change of seasons something to look forward to. As welcome as it is though, it’s always good to move on to the next

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh its always amazing. Seeing the change of seasons from one to the other is great :).

  3. Seasons come and seasons go. Summer sunshine, winter snow!

    My story!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh yes, that’s definitely part and parcel of life, ain’t it? 🙂

  4. Interesting contrasts and combinations

  5. How much a difference a season can make. I love the open-air feel of this one. I can see myself there.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Oh it definitely can make a lot of difference. I guess every season has both its good and bad :).

  6. Sounds like he’s a hardy soul that does what needs to be done.

  7. When you say 20 degrees, you’re speaking in centigrade, yes? We who speak Farenheit wouldn’t consider 20 degrees particularly warm, unless we lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or on the Canadian prairie!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Ahh I mean’t 20 degrees Celsius :). Haha oh yes, 20 degrees Farenheit is quite chilly definitely :D. In our part of the world, we get temperatures of 100+ degree Farenheit which is about 40+ degrees Celsius in peak summer :(.

      • It can get to 100 F. here, but it’s rare. Can hang in the 90’s for weeks, though, with high humidity. Blech.

        • transitionofthoughts

          Oh high humidity gets quite difficult to manage after a point, doesn’t it?

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