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Photography: Now and Then

A lot has changed in the post-pandemic world. Travel meant going on international trips while now it is about sightseeing locally.

Photography: Now and Then

Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Photography: Now and Then

Tranquility in Kuwait

What started to worsen sometime in spring around the world has just sadly continued on as we near winter.

Photography: Now and Then

Sunset in Kuwait

Photography: Now and Then

Windy day in Kuwait

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  1. Amy

    Hardly believe it will vw a year in a couple of months…
    Beautiful images of the sunrise/sunset. Thank you for joining in!

  2. Lovely shots, friend. Glad we get to explore Kuwait when the weather is so pleasant

  3. yogiabb

    I never realized how much travel meant to me until I didn’t do it any longer.

  4. Great shots, thank you for sharing!

  5. Lovely images Aseem, perhaps the only way I’ll ever get to see Kuwait.

  6. Hi, Aseem. I can’t believe you posted an image from Glastonbury. I used to live there! Kuwait is definitely intriguing.

  7. Nice photos. Home is where we are, these days.

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