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Photography: Now and Then

A lot has changed in the post-pandemic world. Travel meant going on international trips while now it is about sightseeing locally.

Photography: Now and Then

Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Photography: Now and Then

Tranquility in Kuwait

What started to worsen sometime in spring around the world has just sadly continued on as we near winter.

Photography: Now and Then

Sunset in Kuwait

Photography: Now and Then

Windy day in Kuwait

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  1. Amy

    Hardly believe it will vw a year in a couple of months…
    Beautiful images of the sunrise/sunset. Thank you for joining in!

  2. Lovely shots, friend. Glad we get to explore Kuwait when the weather is so pleasant

  3. I have never been to Kuwait before … It’s good when the collection contains pictures of different countries …

  4. yogiabb

    I never realized how much travel meant to me until I didn’t do it any longer.

    • transitionofthoughts

      I can completely understand. This pandemic has made us realize so many things which we took for granted.

  5. Great shots, thank you for sharing!

  6. Lovely images Aseem, perhaps the only way I’ll ever get to see Kuwait.

  7. Lovely pics, and happy to have found your blog! I also take a lot of pictures of roads, and used to visit Connecticut often when we lived on the East Coast of the US. 🙂

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thanks Shikha :). Yeah Connecticut is amazing. I love the greenery all around the state :D.

  8. Hi, Aseem. I can’t believe you posted an image from Glastonbury. I used to live there! Kuwait is definitely intriguing.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Wow! That’s amazing. Glastonbury feels such a quaint little place. Beautiful :).

  9. Nice photos. Home is where we are, these days.

  10. Superb captures these are. Thank you very much for sharing this with my challenge 🙂

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