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100 word fiction: Apple picking in a pandemic

Apple picking in a pandemic

“Thankfully, we could make it in time for apple picking.”

“Yeah, all the apples look so fresh. This was a lovely experience especially considering the pandemic has pretty much locked down our lives.”

“Though I hope there were less people around.”

Apple picking in a pandemic

Once they were back home, they sanitized everything and made sure to take bath. In times of the pandemic, they always did this whenever they went out.

In the night, they woke up with a sweat having dreamt of someone sitting lifeless on a chair. Had they done the right thing going out in the middle of a pandemic?

Apple picking in a pandemic

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge, Thursday Inspiration #81 – Bath, 100 Word Wednesday: 173


Bubble of uncertainty




  1. Yea, a suitable dream image at the moment.
    Good take on it. Like it 🙂

  2. Great combination of prompts!

  3. Well said. Typical fears these days . . . the things of nightmares. Thank you for joining us this week.

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