Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

Grey turns to blue

Grey turns to blue


It looks like a dull

and dreary day with the sun

lost amidst the clouds

Grey turns to blue


But then, grey turns to

blue and alleviates the

suffering of all


From almost being

underwater, the colours

have turned beautiful


It almost feels as

though the sunshine has devoured

the rain easily

Grey turns to blue



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Sun vs Clouds


Why did he walk out suddenly?


  1. Thank you for this lovely poem – your photos add to the visual sense of your words (even though they’re different cities . ). You reminded me of one of my favourite poems by Thomas Hardy – A light snowfall after frost – in which he describes a road in winter, and how snow has now covered the road: “A watcher would have failed defining quite / When it transformed it so.” Thanks for joining in the fun today.

  2. Love the words and photos thanks for joining in

  3. Such public areas with no people. The sky is mighty blue with the help of King Sol.

  4. That’s a cruel transition from Dusseldorf to Paris, but I can sympathise 🙂

  5. I just read this again, and it is beautifully written. Thanks for including pictures.

  6. Grey turning blue in words and photos – very cheering today.

  7. A pretty transition to blue! We had a day like that today. Cloudy and grey this morning, but the sun is out right now.

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thanks Peter :). Yeah its amazing how clouds and sun play hide and seek with each other :D.

  8. Very talented. I like the poem + photo format. This adjusts to a certain mood.

  9. A little sunshine goes a long way, especially at this time of year with the low sun angle for us in Europe and North America.

  10. Lovely poem and snap shots. Thanks for joining me on #WW

  11. That’s a beautiful poem and I loved the trees at Dusseldorf and the green patch at Paris. Such gorgeous places to be. Thanks for sharing and joining, Aseem! I hope to see you back on the 12th!

    • transitionofthoughts

      Thanks Parul :). Hopefully a day will come sooner rather than later when we can visit all these places and admire the beauty again :D.

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