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Pandemic woes

Pandemic woes

The pandemic had a serious impact on their business so much so that they were left dumbfounded on what had actually hit them. They were forced to shut shop and the onus was on them to start afresh.

Pandemic woes

What better place to restart than the comforts of their homes in the countryside far away from the maddening crowds. And so they set off on the highway. It was important that they took a break to clear their heads and then planned their next move.

Pandemic woes

The greenery and the fresh air all around provided the necessary peace and calm to think.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.


Life and Death




  1. Pandemic Woes Indeed! Thank you for joining us this week

  2. And a walk in the green woods is certainly a good way to refresh and to counter the woes of pandemic

  3. Brilliant. Loved how you combined the picture prompts together to come up with a relatable story.

  4. A change of scenery to clear the head is always a good thing. Realistic story.

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    wow loved this idea of photo prompt post. you had done full justice to all three pic and the story narrated on basis of these.

  6. Dr Bushra

    That’s intriguing take on photo prompt .#dewreads

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