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Life and Death

Life and Death

Another life, another situation where the genotype influences the phenotype,

Where physical characteristics are more important than anything else,

Another death, another situation where all we are left with after a person’s loss is gripe,

Where we never cared for their well-being when they were alive and are left with nothing but their smells

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  1. This one is truly tragic. It kind of reminds me of instances when someone has died, suddenly people come out of the woodwork grieving them like they knew them all their lives, and you know, not someone that they ever even interacted with or spoke highly of.

    This piece is different, though, as it explicates the annoyance over someone’s death or perhaps how the standards of beauty in society are often “above” what facets make up a person’s character? So, in death, the reminders you describe are physical beauty and how society can be vain in this manner, but you hint that beauty eventually fades away. Really deep.

    I could delve into so many themes and topics here from this poem’s meaning. This is really multi-faceted and especially relevant. An excellent piece with saddening and raw details. Excellence. <3

  2. The last line really hits you. And considering the circus that’s ongoing with SSR, even more so. So many emotions packed into such few words. Brilliant.

  3. These four sentences leave a emotional and powerful punch. If only people realised the importance of giving time and attention to our loved ones in the right time rather than when its too late. Well written

    • transitionofthoughts

      It’s sad that we don’t give our loved ones enough importance when they are there with us but instead only realise their importance when we lose them.

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