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It came as no surprise to anyone when she entered the shop and found it inhabited by fluffy cuddly creatures. She had always seen a lot of people bringing their pets or kids coming to the shop to play with them time and time again. In presence of these creatures, the kids seemed full of verve. On full moon nights, the shop used to organize pet friendly events for people to play and bond with these creatures. Their aim was to move thoughts of animal lovers away from the froth in the name of animal protection by other groups. Though the shop’s owner knew that his shop was in imminent danger from these groups, it didn’t stop him one bit. He was more than happy working in the shadows of others to do his bit in taking care of these creatures.

Summer was at its

peak though without power, he

slept beneath the moon

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He missed her presence around him


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned


  1. An intriguing write! Well done!

  2. Summer was at its
    peak though without power, he
    slept beneath the moon

    …lovely image ToT!

  3. Love how the words you chose made this haibun come to life!!!!

  4. Well done thanks for sharing your thoughts this week.

  5. Animals do add a free and easy energy to our interactions. And bringing us together ought not to be a cause of friction but sadly it is in some cases.

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