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Zany personality

Zany personality

The late morning was clear and crisp as Sawyer stepped out of the travel hostel. His zany personality didn’t require to refine his antics. While he rushed through the entrance to get married and then eventually crossed the exit to get divorced and out of darkness, his wittiness spoke – “Thankfully, I don’t need to be frugal anymore with the container now full.”

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Photography: Summertime


He missed her presence around him


  1. kaykuala

    Looks like he made a kill. It is a modern way of justifying it. Gold diggers can arise from either sex It is planned as a way of thinking


  2. Couldn’t really get it.. Since I was hung up on the word ‘travel hostel’ .. I miss travel..

    • transitionofthoughts

      Those were the days when we could all travel. I can surely understand what you are referring to :(.

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