Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

Starting a garden..

Starting a garden..

Catrin Welz-Stein

Time was nigh as far

as her plan of starting a

garden was concerned


She didn’t deviate from

her plan one bit despite the

proffer of a team


She made sure to clam

up the others saying that

it was in her mind


Once the idea

germinated in her brain,

they met as agreed

Starting a garden..

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  1. hmmmmm don’t know if you meant it this way….but for me the garden is a metaphor here. For me, I read this as a powerful woman who has thoughts and ideas and knows how to put them into action. Maybe I’m just thinking this, relating to RBG’s death and all the accolades for her….she persevered.
    And if you didn’t mean it this way….well, I’ve always said the mark of a strong writer is when a reader connects with the writing…makes a leap to meaning. And you’ve certainly done that for me with this one!

    • transitionofthoughts

      That’s fantastic that you could associate this with so much and more :). Thanks for stopping by :D.

  2. Beautiful writing! Wow.

  3. The Garden of Love – I like it.

  4. I see the garden as a metaphor for love, marriage and family. I like the link between garden and the idea that ‘germinated in her brain’.

  5. I like the strong independent feel in your poem. A woman who knows what she wants and does not let anyone’s opinion deter her!

  6. The prompt image you chose was very well expressed, fine writing. I really like these Welz-Stein artworks.

  7. Beverly Crawford

    I love her determination and ability to not listen to those who tried to introduce negativity. A strong woman!

  8. What a nice calculation of the mind, not for profit, but for love and zeal!

  9. That’s a lady to look up to, I must say. Thank you for sharing this powerful piece with us, Aseem. 🙂 And please do join for this week’s fiction Monday. 🙂

  10. Wonderful play of words, Aseem! Lovely piece of writing.

  11. So much of depth in your tale. Lovely!

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