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He made them proud..

He made them proud..

He had only seen poverty. While his father was a daily wage labourer, his mother worked from house to house washing dishes. But despite their struggles, they tried to ensure that they could educate him so that he had a better life. They always felt that – In their dreams they sleep with the moon.

As luck would have it, their son got a scholarship. Post his education, within the first year of joining an MNC, he made sure that his parents were out of the misery they had lived in. He had made them proud after all. While others did a lot of yada, yada, yada about taking care of parents, he made sure he actually did.

When he was a child he couldn’t ever dream of having a debit card. But now he was making sure that anyone could access the banking system.

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Did he work hard for success?


Photography: Murals in Brussels


  1. I like the uplifting nature of your story.

  2. Beverly Crawford

    A touching and loving story, leasing us with a lift in spirits. Thank you.

  3. I love your story of rising to shoot the moon and become all you dreamed and in turn made a better life for your parents as well! A great story indeed!

  4. An inspirational story and the best reward for hard-working parents, a son to be proud of.

  5. A lovely story, and a good son who truly cared about his parents, not just a sense of duty, but love for them, I think.

  6. Luv the progression of moon and dreams to a better life for the family.

    Have a nice week


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