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Grocery shopping during a pandemic

Grocery shopping during a pandemic

The strangest thing happened as I went into the supermarket. I saw a customer who was very curt with the staff about not wearing a mask despite the strict rules. While he did nod indicating that he understood what the staff was telling him, he still went on in and began to carve his way through the store one step at a time. He also made a faint attempt at a laugh apparently mocking the staff.

Meanwhile, what started out as thunder had given way to a downpour so much so that the city seemed underwater and whirlpools were forming up as well. Almost on cue, things started getting heated up inside as well. Despite the fact that the customer was well built with a broad chest to boot, the staff didn’t waste any time in telling him to leave the store until he followed the health guidelines.

The customer protested saying it was his sovereign right to do what he felt. But the supermarket wasn’t about to sway from the defined rules which would affect their credibility. The staff didn’t have any inanition in following the defined rules. They had kept cherry blossoms around their store as a symbol of hope and they weren’t about to let a random customer spoil it all.

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  1. This is beautiful, especially the cherry blossoms for hope.

  2. This type of behavior is seen everywhere. A simple and effective rule is ignored in the name of ‘my right to do what I feel right’ attitude. I liked the persistence of the staff in the story, Aseem. Also loved the cherry blossoms as a symbol of hope part. We definitely need more symbols of hope. Thank you for joining in #FictionMonday, Aseem

    • transitionofthoughts

      This story is the sad reality in places around the world where people think they are above all the rules. At times this just makes me wonder that we humans don’t really bother about our own kind.

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