Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

Masks of idiocy

Masks of idiocy

From ancient times, their

family had made people

laugh through their antics


Masks had been used to

describe the stories they wanted

to portray quite well


But as COVID struck,

clown masks of all kinds became

a rage all around


Fashion brands cashed in

as masks became a fashion

trend surprisingly


But many ended up

in a party wearing a

mask of idiocy


In all this, the clowns

kept pedaling their boat of

life to safety

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Road to recovery




  1. Am I reading this right that the “mask of idiocy” at the party is no mask at all? If so, very clever!

  2. That is one leaky boat.

  3. Funny that the clowns are now laughing at us as we flounder through life trying to wear masks amongst those who still fight it.

  4. A clown mask poem relevant for the time we live in and you are certainly right about the huge marketing opportunity for ‘designer’ masks. Well done.

  5. oh wow. you covered so much about idiocy on this poem. so so true!

  6. Excellent conclusion. Enjoyed your take. Thanks for sharing with us.

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