Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words



Lush melodies drew her to the door of the lounge, the friendly smiles enticed her inside. The people were smoking shisha and chit-chatting while the melodies filled the air. She was happy to see this after ages especially considering the fact that everyone had been working from home for almost half of the year.

That morning a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen when she realized that she had forgotten her shoes in the laundry thus causing her clothes to get dirty. Being the head honcho of a multi-million dollar organization, she always carried himself with pizzazz wherever she went but not this time.

She had arrived as an analyst but with time she had grown professionally and would eventually depart as the leader of an excellent team of individuals. It was if she had transformed the life of her employees and brought them from darkness into light.

While she was a workaholic during the day, she ensured that she let her down in the evening with friends and some music to go along.

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  1. Nicely done how you worked in the prompt.

  2. You’ve worked in a lot of prompts! Well done.

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